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24 May 2010


Sherry Cartwright

Ohmygoodness, I've often wondered how beads were attached to crocheted necklaces. Well, now I know -- thank you!

The red thread with the dark wooden beads is very beautiful.


Love the ease of this, Thanks Rebecca!

Suzette Ladouceur

Oh, I am definitely going to try this one! Thank you so much for making it a doable project!




Thank you! this is so lovely.


love this. Thanks for the instructions. Will be making this, possibly this week.


Debbie Demmers-Lujan

Good job with the instructions, Rebecca. I am a picture person myself....if I can't figure it out with pictures, well, I am "up a creek!!!" debbie


I've always wondered how beads were added that way because I do know how to crochet a bit...you put them on the string first...Thanks so much for this tutorial! Fun!


Truly truly inspirational blog thankyou……..i found you from across the water here in the UK ,i started off reading http://rosiesarmoire.blogspot.com/
then that led me on and finally i came across you via blog lists,what a journey,i will be back again to read more and to follow your wonderful works in Haiti x


oh.my.goodness! i am LOVING your red thread series! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon Chapman

Well this is a light bulb moment. Thanks I have been wondering about that. I shall be trying this.

Suzanne Duda

I made this today and blogged about it...so easy and so cute...Thank you for the inspiration!


Rebecca, I love your red thread sessions. I cannot wait to try this necklace and writing with my sewing machine... although that one really scares me! Thank you so much for all the inspiration you share on your blog.


Thank you! This is about as far as my crocheting skills go, so it's quite doable! :)


What a cooooool necklace....I think I "need" one!!!!

Judith A. Avery

I love it - I created one of your designs this evening, but have to laugh - I read the design as 50 of each bead, soooooo, I realized that had to be misunderstood as my piece was growing, so I stopped at 20 of each bead, and course, the tiny sets x20 also - long is not the word, it wraps wonderfully, I love it, thanks you for your ingenious design.

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