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09 April 2010



such good looking kids!
so fun to finally ( did i say that :) )
see a pic of some of your family

Suzette Ladouceur

They are beautiful. I have both of your Creating Keepsakes books and I feel like I have "seen" them grow up through your scrapbook pages. And then to see a recent photo just took my breath away.


WOW! Your kids have grown a ton!!! I haven't seen photos of them since your last book!!:) Beautiful!!

Leah C

Beautiful...just beautiful! And the best thing? They look happy:)

Sheila R

They grow up way too fast...
I remember seeing them as little ones in your books!

Your son reminds me of mine because he is the one that doesn't pose for the camera or if he does you gotta make sure he doesn't have a quirky face goin' on!


you look like you have a great happy home - and that's all we can all hope for.
maytree lane x


Wow! All grown up!
Great looking kids!

Cherie Wilson

So fun! Made me smile:) That would have been me and my brother many years ago:) It's funny how I think that I didn't take very good shots, but then looking back they are totally beloved pics. Would you believe I totally missed Easter pictures for the first time ever this year?? Too much Martha, not enough Mary! :)

Dede Warren

The "only one" that you got is stunning! Beautiful, beautiful children Rebecca!!!


What beautiful and happy kids you have there. :)

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

What absolutely lovely children! The pictures really made me smile.

deb christensen

i think both photos are beautiful - their personalities are just singing out! you're a lucky mom!


oh my! what beautiful, happy, fun-loving kids!! you actually have two WONDERFUL photos there!! thanks for sharing!


They may not be 'perfect' photos but your gorgeous kids sure look like they were having fun! :o)


Your children are beautiful, you must be a proud Mom ;)

Shanie Christian

Rebecca...sorry, but I have to disagree! These are the coolest photos! I love the movement of your son. It is so like the teens these days...always flipping their hair around! Love it. And, your kids btw are absolutely adorable! Loves...

Kim Bolyard

but I have to say your son has beautiful hair....and your daughter is beautiful...


Enjoy the differences. Boys and girls are beautifully unique. Equally endearing in totally different ways. My boys (now grown)tease me and love me; you will get used to it. I love all of mine and they have each taken their own turns at taking me to the edge. God's blessings on all of you.

Amy Hanna

your kids are beautiful!! xo

mummakat- Kathi Pilar

They both look so much like you! Beautiful! Glad I'm not the only one with children who won't sit still for my camera!


your children are beautiful... your daughter's face shows a truly gentle kindness and what is it about these boys with flicky hair... my nephew is just the same.
warmest wishes
ginny x

Sally  Smith

Gorgeous children! Spunky, maybe, but you know you wouldn't have him any other way. He'll grow up way too fast, so enjoy it, though my grown-up children are still spunky :-)--Sally

tammy graves

How funny! I agree with Paige, Suzette, and Leslie...haven't seen these guys in a while..I so love your books as well, and get them out to pruse quite frequently! Any books in your near future?? Would love to see some scrapbook pages with these beautiful children on them...hint, hint!

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