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12 April 2010



Such beautiful beads make
an exquisite necklace! I
thank you for sharing this


oooo... wonderful, smooth, colorful beads!

Karen B

This is so beautiful!

Catherine M. Scanlon

these are gorgeous!



mary jane dodd

poignant and so beautiful... thank you for reflecting upon the bittersweet of life...


I still wear Kazuri beads that I bought from the factory in Kenya in the early '80's and every time I do, people comment. Love them so much.

Thank you, again, for keeping thoughts of those who struggle for existence before us.

Renée MB

Hi. I absolutely love your blog. It is thought-provoking and inspiring. Cheers, Renée


those are to die for! Can we purchase them?
Hoosier hugs, Cheryl

Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh Make Something

so pretty and charming... like everything else that you post! You probably don't fool around with blog awards, but I've given you one anyway. I want my readers to visit your place to see your beautiful blog. I also want you to know how much you have ALWAYS inspired me!

Your friendly "stalker" from years ago through EK Success and CHA.

still your #1 fan,
Mary Beth

Debbie Demmers-Lujan

Rebecca, thanks for sharing something like this, reminding us of others so far away. Soon, our church will be sending some of our members to Haiti to help with medical and basic needs. One of those going will be leading a group in Africa again this summer...it will be his 3rd trip. It is good to get outside of our own worlds and see the needs of others. My husband and I are looking forward to doing some missions work, also. Right now, we are doing it through writing a check....BUT, as the late Keith Green said, "it's easy to write a check, why not just go (something like that). Blessings to you.....debbie

red or gray

rebecca . the quote so true . the beads such life

brandi evans

are these for purchase somewhere??

Jan Thomason

this post took my breath away.
the beads, brought me to tears as i contemplated their beauty.

rebecca, you don't know me and i don't see our paths crossing in the future, so i'll tell you now - you are gifted by God and you are making Him very proud.

be blessed, Jan

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