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24 March 2010


hope | paper relics

Lvoe that quote - and your pieces. Hope all is well! xo hope

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

So glad to see you back sharing your quotes. How are you and your friends in Haiti faring these days? They are never far from my thoughts.


i wonder if you would kindly consider offering thru your etsy shop just the detailed instructions from your secrets journal kit??? i have loads of vintage papers & ephemera and am looking for some direction to assemble them in a hand made journal and your journals are the bomb!!! thank you much ... ;)


Thank you for sharing the quote! I simply ADORE keys. I use keys in my art work...stamps of keys and literal keys, too! One thing I love to do is to dangle a key from a string in a bird's mouth! Makes me think of "it's the key to the Secret Garden!


I do so love your wonderful jewelry work, so delicate and earthy at the same time.

Trudy callan

Wonderful pieces and a wonderful quote.Thanks.

Suzette Ladouceur

As always, so beautiful!


That is just lovely. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE vintage keys. May have to incorporate some into something someday. :) Lots of somes here. :)

Leah C

Oh how I have a thing for keys! And the art you've created with them...just soooo beautiful:) The quote is a keeper, too.

Shelley in SC

What is it about keys? There's just something intriguing and a little mysterious about them. Brings to mind not quite knowing what's going to be behind the locked door. Beautiful work, Rebecca!

Amy Brinkman

I love how you incorporated the quote with the photos. Very inspiring. Beautiful, beautiful work.

juliette crane

just adore these keys. i am happy to have found your blog and can't wait to stop back again. so much inspiration:) best wishes to you!
xoxo, juliette

Cherie Wilson

Your inspiration fills the heart today. Thanks so much Rebecca! You inspire that abundant life, you know. I like that part best:) Smiles your way today xo Cherie

Debbie Demmers-Lujan

Rebecca!!! My boss has this neat wooden 3 drawer container that hold lots of keys....has little sections and everything. Asked if he was putting a price on it....he is the owner of the antique store where I work one of my part-time jobs. His professional job is working as a dentist in our little town. No, he wasn't selling it. Darn, anyway! I love your imagination! And say, I saw some of your scrapbook items in the dollar store, Loopy's yesterday. It is those fold over magnetic things that I am going to use for bookmarks and sew a charm to where it folds. Saw your name and was so excited as I wouldn't have made the connection without the amazing blog world!!! Thanks....deb

deb christensen

today, your post is the calm in the eye of my storm. thank you thank you


Loved your post today Rebecca and the quote was inspiring for me! Thank you for the gift your words and pictures gave me today!!



Very sweet quote and I love the old world look that keys bring with them as a standard. :):) Thanks for sharing


What a great quote! I just copied it into my favorite quotes book. Thank YOU for sharing, caring, and daring...

Alison Gibbs

Fabulous words.


oh the bird's nest is divine - and the beads wonderful

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