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30 March 2010


Julie B.

Travelling Mercies and safe travels on you journey to Haiti! I love filler No. 01 and will visit back to see the other bursting colors of spring in your fillers. Give each of those wonderful Haiti girls a big warm hug from me, and of course keep one for yourself!


you go girlie...embrace the abundant, anointed life Christ has for you... ;)

Leah C

Just got back to blogging after taking a break...enjoy yours:) Happy days & safe travels!

Susan O.

wishing I could come with you and help. Have a good trip. Susan


Come on over to my blog to receive your Beautiful Blogger Award. Hope you can participate!


deb christensen

you found some colour!! making these will be sure to put a smile on your ladies' faces. have a safe trip. keeping you in my thoughts...


make sure the women in Haiti makes lots of these pretty necklaces so we can scoop them up from the etsy shop!
have fun and have a beautiful Easter...xo


Love the bead necklace! "Filler posts" promise to be inspiring!
As you bless others in Haiti, so shall you be blessed.
Hoosier hugs,




Beautiful Photo ~ Keeping You in Thoughts & Prayers.....

Trudy callan

I know they will love the bead necklaces. How neat that you are doing this. Be safe. Will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.

Suzette Ladouceur

I'll be praying for you as you travel. Lovely necklace! May we see pictures of your garden? I am TERRIBLE at gardening but I enjjoy seeing what others are able to accomplish:)

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

Best wishes for safe travel on your trip to Haiti. Don't feel bad about the pictures and quotes. I always find a few to inspire me or to think about.
Take care,

Lori B

Do you need donations to buy beads or supplies for the women? I would like to help out. Gosh how wonderful of you to teach them a craft -- hope I can purchase some of those necklaces. You go girl! Safe travels to you.

Joanna Rance

That is a great quote!


Love the idea of filler pictures!! Keep 'em comin'!!


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