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08 February 2010



I have been crafting and sewing since my childhood, but have only recently decided to try my hand at blogging...my daughter challenged me to step right in and get my feet wet! So here I am...and I have posted my hearts on my blog to join yours.

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

Hello Rebecca,
Please add my name to your heart sessions. I am almost ready to send my parcel off to you. I am sure that you will receive lots of useful fabrics and threads for you Haitian Ladies.


Concerning hearts.

Alison Gibbs

Hi Rebecca another pretty heart.
Can you add my name to todays list as I have featured another heart today


Leah C

It's wonderful to see so many loving hearts:)

Sally Smith

Another lovely heart, Rebecca. I love the way you add seed beads randomly over your works. The beads look like little bubbles.


Dear Rebecca,
Such a delightful heart is yours today! Inspires me to stitch away!
And. . .
What a lovely time I've had seeing so many other creative, and inspiring, happy hearts!
With Love from the Cabin,
Claudia O.

Kathy Uhrig

Thank you again for launching this fun. I'm having a ball looking at all the artwork and blogs I might not have found otherwise.
I posted a new heart tonight.
Thank you!


another lovely heart Rebecca - I love your stitching .

Thank you for sorting the link - I'm posting hearts every day til the 14th !


Rebecca this is soooo beautiful


Rebecca- thank you for all that you are doing to help Haiti - I love looking at your hearts.......beautiful
I have added my hearts to my blog and would like to be added to your list, please
thank you

Sheryl Eggleston

I love all the hearts-so inspiring! I've been posting hearts most of the month just because! Please count me in.


Love these little stitched hearts! I've enjoyed looking through everyone's heart sessions on their blogs too ♥
Thanks Rebecca!


This is gorgeous...truly gorgeous. I keep coming back and finding new beautiful details.


Today's Heart: Love is Patient, Love is Kind


I've got my hearts up! I was so blessed to walk into our teachers lounge and find a heart made by our moderate to severe students as they were looking to raise money for new microwave for their classroom! Who could resist buying it and sharing it on he{art}? not me :)


Your create heart is really beautiful....
I go to see the other hearts with links ;-))
Have a good day.


I love your heart sessions idea Rebecca! I just posted a heart on my blog, so please link me up :)


lorraine lewis

So Lovely.


Your hearts are so beautiful. My tiny little heart is up :)

Kay Flynn

Rebecca, If you're up for one more session I've posted hearts. I've enjoyed all the previous sessions.



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