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13 January 2010



Finally pulled myself from the news today...and to my blogs...and thought, "Rebecca!"...It seems so clear to me that God is using you to help his children in Haiti. Thank you for letting him use you as you do. God bless you and the people there today.


I have been thinking of (and praying for) you and all the people you must know in Haiti. I got caught up on your blog this morning, and will continue to pray - which feels like such a small thing, but it's what I can do, so I'm doing it.

Rebecca Ersfeld

Hello Rebecca
I have visited your blog from time to time and enjoy your artwork, I have you on my sidebar but would like to do more for your Haitian family, if there is anything I could do please let me know. I have a shop in IL so in the future I will be doing a fundraiser, I realize this will be an ongoing effort for quite a long time unfortunately. When you get your help effort organized I would be glad to blog about it and contribute. I was thinking of an artisan give so that we could auction the handmades off and contribute the money and I would much rather give it to this organization you are involved with.
Thank you for your kind heart many blessings to you and I am praying along with you for your friends


So glad you found him!
God is good.
Every time I watch the news, I think of you.
You must be glued to the updates.

Love the pins.
Glad they sold!

Dawn xo

Alison Gibbs

Beautiful post - world wide we are doing what we can to help

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

REBECCA... I am SO HAPPY for you that Louisson has been found. I know you are thrilled. The devastation is so heartbreaking. But the stories of inspiration and miracles definitely give me hope. I cling to those bits of good news to keep from being in utter despair.


I too have been drawn too CNN and watch for hours with my eyes filled with tears, at some time I even have to turn awas as the pain is so heavy on my heart.
I can only offer a donation and many prayers and love how you have shared your experience in Haiti with us and feel your love for these dear people. You are a blessing to all of us.....:-) Hugs

Julie Federico

Thank God Wilson is okay. I've prayed for his safety. He is so beautiful. I am so grateful he is okay. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and words.

xo, juls

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