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13 January 2010



I've followed your beautiful blog for a little while now, and this morning when I heard the news I immediately thought of you... lovely Rebecca.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, and of course the people of Haiti.


Lespwa (L'espoir), excellent word. I hope you find them all. We lost a Canadian nurse who landed in Haiti an hour before the earthquake struck. We have to help any way we can. Thank you again for rising to the occasion. xox

tea time and roses

Oh what a joy!! My prayers are with the beautiful people of Haiti. Take care.




wonderful news about Wilson! and here's hoping that all your new friends are safe.

Kelly in Canada

Oh, Rebecca...such an powerful and moving example of the might of prayer.

Miss Peach

Thank God for this tiny grace and you beloved is found...praying for this island and every heart that beats on it.
Love Misses Peach

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread

Dear Rebecca, I have read and enjoyed your blog for many months now. As soon as I heard about the devestation in Haiti, I immediately thought of you. I am praying you find each precious friend safe and secure. Our church sponsors a small mission project in Haiti and I will be giving generously--remembering each of the faces you have featured here. Thank you for the inspiration, today and each day you share something with us. ~Kathy


My husband's ship is suppose to get underway to go to help with aid. (US NAVY).

I am happy your friend is okay; i am sorry
to hear of all the devastation, it is so tragic, it was a society in need before all of this happened.

I think you sharing as much as you can, will
help, it puts faces and a human touch, for us
that can't be there.

I know you must be in shock~ Thoughts n prayer to those in Haiti and their loved ones, elsewhere, waiting and wondering. There are 4 people on my husband's ship that have family there.

Thank you for sharing


Rejoicing with you that Louisson has been found!

Leah C

Such good news about your friend! Continuing prayers & well wishes...


I am so glad you found your friend , after I read your posts today, it was all I could think about.My mom got back from a mission trip there this past year. The people are beautiful. I will be giving to help. Andrea

Jill Sprott

I donated to the Red Cross, but it just doesn't feel like enough. My heart goes out to everyone there. I am so happy to hear that Louisson is okay.

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

After saying a silent prayer for the thousands of people in Haiti, I thought of you this morning in the car-rider line as I dropped off my daughter. I could only imagine how devastated you must have been at the news of this terrible disaster. I appreciated so much the pictures and stories that you brought us of your experience before the earthquake and I appreciate them so much more now. Thanks for showing us the miracle of what you saw. It is so important, seeing what we have to look at now. You and all those people in Haiti are in my prayers.

gina grable

Thank you for the beautiful photos, the awareness and the outpouring of love that we all can learn from. We will continue to pray and please keep us posted on those close to you.

Sue Krei

I have been following your blog for awhile now, and loving it. You are a truly unique and special person, as well as a talented artist. My heart is going out to you with this tragedy in Haiti. I know that you just got home from there. Your heart must be breaking and also, you must be feeling that you want to be there to help. I think a lot of us would like to help. I can't imagine how terrible it must be for the people of Haiti. I think massive help is on the way to them....the world takes care of its' own. I am saying prayers for the people and so many others are too. I hope that the aid and comfort comes soon to these people. It is going to be a long and hard recovery. Prayers for your heart as well.....

Patricia Ginda

I am happy to hear your good news! We have had contact with our sister parish in Haiti. There is structural damage to the rectory and church, but everyone there is OK. We are still waiting to hear from friends in Jacmel and P au P, I continue to pray for their safety. I will continue to check your posts for info. Thank you, Pat


Wonderful news. Have you heard about Miraclid? Or maybe that news is in an earlier post. I'll check.


Samantha Wales

My prayers are with the people of Haiti and the relief workers there and on their way there. My daughter plans on attending nursing school so that she can be a Nurse Missionary to Haiti. She has had a heart for that country for 2 years now after learning about the needs there through Compasssion International. That year at Student Life camp truly changed her. She used her 16th birthday that year to raise money for Compassion International, specifically to go to Haiti. Our family is praying for all of the people affected. You can donate to Compasion International's relief fund here:https://www.compassion.com/contribution/giving/disasterrelief.htm

DeeDee Roe

So glad L was found safe.

French Knots

Thank goodness he is safe, such a terrible time. Thank you for leting us know what you hear and how we can help.

Sally Smith

I haven't been visiting you lately because I knew you would be gone for a while and then, after hearing the news about Haiti, I frantically went to my computer to check on you, knowing you were going to Haiti but not knowing when. I'm glad you're back safely and saddened by the quake and you're not knowing the whereabouts of your new-found friends. They have my prayers. I still believe in miracles----Sally

marcie knowles

I am glad to hear he is ok. I watched alot of the news yesterday..so many care and are working on getting there quickly...I hope the airport is working today,,lucky the strip is in one piece. As I stood in the hot shower with lovely soap, praying for Haiti,,grateful for my water,,,utilities we take for granted. I have so much. Thank you God.

suzette Ladouceur

Oh, thank you for the wonderful update! We are still praying for more good news to come out of this tragedy.


Thank the lord! I'm so happy that Louisson has been located:)

Lorri Vallese

Dear Rebecca, your blog words about Haiti has touched my heart. I have added your blog to my favourites and will try and send what I am able. I truly hope that Jean-David and his family are safe. His art work is just beautiful and I would love a chance to purchase some for our home.

Lorri, Canada

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