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29 January 2010



it's snowy here too. i love to sit in front of a fire, cup of earl grey in hand, cozy blanket surrounding me, and a good book to savor or devour...depends on the book!

but it's more likely that on snowy days (these days) i'm out in the snow with the kiddos...making snow cream...making hot chocolate...and i don't think i'd trade it for the world.

i love snow days. they're almost as good as rainy days!


I love making my family a BIG pot of veggie soup and just snuggle up with my family:)

Julie B.

Write and read! I love the written word and great literature! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much for all your efforts in the Haiti By Hand Journey!


rainy days & snow days are my preference... simply due to the "beyond the norm" variety of the great outdoors activities...midnight horseback rides in the brite white crisp snow, building a dam in the creek for the ducks & deer to enjoy, paintball quests to capture the enemies flag (paintball is much better as a winter sport cuz of the extra clothes), huge bonfire burning off the blackberrie fields, ice skating in my rubber boots on the frozen pond ... these are the best of times ;)


The snow just quit here in Okla. It is beautiful. See my blog at what I did during the snow storm. I craft when the weather is bad.

glitter and roses

Suzette Ladouceur

We got sleet a couple of weeks ago here in Florida! Does that count? During our cold snap, I crocheted a sweater for my daughter and a few hats (one for my daughter and the rest as gifts).


Snowy days are wonderful for introspection - sitting by the fire with hot chocolate or tea, reading, writing, stitching. We get so little snow that when it does snow I love to hang over the back of the couch, my chin on my hands resting on the couch and look out the window just watching the snow swirl down. The world is transformed into a place of enchanting beauty and strangeness.

I'm glad you are taking a break from the computer. I know that your heart is full of thoughts of Haiti's people, your friends, and I pray that your time writing and being still will be restorative.


Dear Rebecca...I just got home from a date with my husband and guess what was waiting for me in my mailbox? My BEAUTIFUL bright blue purse from Miraclid. I LOVE it!! I will treasure it!! I love that you put her lovely photo in the package as well. I've decided to keep it at my desk so I can see her lovely face. She is an inspiration to me. I pray for her and her daughter's safety in Haiti. Do you know how she is??

Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I will be supporting your Haiti by Hand site and telling my friends.


Robin Thomas

Snowed in, happily with power. I put on my list yesterday to get my Hodge Podge Journal out and complete it. I have been waiting until I could devote some solitude to it. Ahhh, great minds, well, at least your is...

lorraine lewis

I would welcome a clean fresh blanket of white snow but it is cold and gray here today- a good day to create.


I would LOVE one of your kits!!!! You sell out faster than ANYONE!!!! Hugs!!!!


Beautiful journal. Unfortunately, we don't get many snowy days here in SoCal. ;)

Leah C

Snowy days? Snuggle up with a good book or watch an old movie...here in the midwest, I usually get plenty of chances to do that;)
My pretty purse came in the mail yesterday...love it! Praying that Miraclid is safe & sound:) Stay warm...

Barb M.

Snowing here in suburbs of DC. I am drawn to cook on snow days. I don't know why. I am in the middle of making a carmel turtle cake (from the Southern Living site) and am letting the carmel thicken for an hour. Cooking and playing with paper are my two snow activities.

Anna R

Woke up to snow this morning - big, wet flakes. Then we got fogged in so I made up a big batch of Yukon Gold Cinnamon rolls ( for Sunday breakfast, if they last that long) and a Spinach Bacon pie for dinner. While everything is baking, I curled up on the couch with new magazines and a cup of green tea. Let it snow, I don't mind at all.

Shanie Christian

Sounds great to me Rebecca! I am still not used to this warm Florida weather. I miss Tennessee!! You enjoy. Loves...Shanie :)


Flannel Sheets, watching it snow out the window, coffee in bed and a good book, once forced to get up, warm blanket, hot tea and knitting something equally as cozy, while something wonderful simmers on the stove.

Zita-Mlle Magpie

Rebecca, I'm trying to work on cleaning up and setting up my crafting/studio space so that I could craft on a snowy day, with everything I need in my space.


We were snowed in all weekend here in Memphis, so we baked snowflake cookies, made hot chocolate, watched the dog "skate" around the backyard and then tried to walk him in the snow (quite interesting!), took naps on the couch and cuddled while watching old movies. It was a lazy, magical weekend.

I think I like being snowed in!

I love your journal. You are so talented!

Alison Gibbs

Sounds like the perfect way to spend a cold day. We could do with a little cold weather over here in Australia - such a hot summer this year


Snow day - I just continue on with life since there is snow here from October - April. Can't just sit inside for over half my life. I'm in northern Alberta.
Enjoy your snow while you have it.


Cook. snuggle on the couch with a good movie (just a pretense to take a nap), sew.

Tammy Mellish

I admit that I love to climb up into my big bed. The room is a bit cold, so I turn on our heating blanket and pile on our down comforter and quilt, too. Oh, fleece sheets! Nestle in with stacks of old magazines that I just can't part with (some Country Homes I was spying over the weekend that I more than 12 years old.. and one that I remember buying to take to the hospital with me when I had my first born). Yes, that and a really big cup of Irish breakfast tea. And maybe a good movie. I watched The Holiday last weekend. Such a good movie. Could watch it over and over again. And then my kiddos pile up and in with tales of their snowman building outside.. and our four cats jumping up and down, too. It's quite a busy little *retreat* here at our house LOL!


Hi Rebecca,

Awwwww, snow! Love it. I just love it when those huge flakes come down and cover everything, and then there is this muffled stillness about the world. I live in the country and have been blessed to see many deer this winter. The one buck left me a gift of his antlers, as he shed them under the squirrel's corn feeder. :) :) :) That made me extremely happy! If I am home, and it is snowing, I immediately feed the birds. They get in such a frenzy that the snow is covering everything up; I then go inside, get a cup of coffee and watch them. God's amazing creatures, eh?


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