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13 January 2010



Just to say, I'm thinking of you. Such a tragedy. Will be praying about this indefinitely.

Mel H

His work is beautiful. Hoping that they are all ok and aid gets there quickly.


Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your quick response. I've put up a post, and a link back to your site.

Here's a link to my post

blessings to you as you wait in prayer,


Rebecca- Thank you so very much for taking the time to open up the Etsy shop for your dear Haitian friends. I bought the candle holder made by Jean-David, absolutely amazing work...all of it!

As I looked through the shop I had tears rolling down my face with the realization you were just there and now Haiti is so devastated. Everyone here is certainly glad you are safe but I'm sure you just want to be there to help in any way you can. My heart goes out to you and I will continue to pray for everyone in Haiti.

God bless you!


I feel so helpless, not knowing what to do or how to help other than donating to the American Red Cross. Thanks for offering this opportunity to help one person, every little bit counts.


Thank you Rebecca for putting Jean-David's art up...I bought his amazing Eagle plaque and am sending my prayers for your friends and all the people in Haiti. I have been trying not to watch the News because of personal fears (having been in a major earthquake & living in earthquake state I have anxiety), but when I saw your blog today and read about your friends the tears started flowing & I realized that I need to stay connected and send my prayers in this tragedy...we can feel so helpless but you brought one way to help...you have such a good heart. I keyed on Jean-David's engraved words on the Eagle "in God we trust"...and that is what we have to do.

Leah C

My heart hurts for the people of Haiti...can't even begin to imagine the heartache & worry you must feel for your friends there. Still in my prayers...


My heart goes out to you and all those who need help. You are a doing an amazing job highlighting this. This man's work is so beautiful.

suzette Ladouceur

So many times when a tragedy hits, we think of the situation as a whole. Thank you so much for putting actual faces to this situation. It both makes it easier and harder to pray for them as we get to know them through your posts. Much love.

Linda Richter

I am praying. You are a window God opened for us to see through.

Debby Schuh

Thank you for sharing about these lovely people and helping to make this unbelievable thing a little more real to us so we can pray better.

Angela Harris

Wow~! That was fast! His work sold out so fast! The artist of the blog world are a loving and giving people.


His items are gorgeous! I love all that you are sharing...just amazing!

Leslie M.

Such beautiful and amazing work! I'll be keeping Jean David and his family in my prayers. I'm glad you are safe.


judy in carefree

Beautiful work and I'm hoping that we will all have the chance to purchase his work in the future and help his family. So very sad!

Susan L

Already in my favourites ...

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

Rebecca, Thinking of you and the love you have for the people that you have in your life from Haiti..We will all do what we can and contribute what we can. We have heard that $ is the most important first of all from former president Clinton. I know the Canadians will be generous as well.
Prayers and blessings.


Just seeing this man, smiling...he looks so kind and loving. It puts a face to what is happening over there for me. It's just so tragic. I am in tears. Thank you Rebecca for sharing this with us. You are a blessing to so many in Haiti. I haven't checked e-mail in a few days about that blue purse. I'm checking and responding this morning.


wow---by the time i logged on they were all gone! AWESOME!!

thank you for giving us names & faces to pray for during this horrific time...
so much
so hard to even try to grasp an inkling of what's going on for them....


ps-on a little side note, i was thrilled to see angela post that her profits were going to go to your ministry. i am thrilled to purchase from her and feel like i can help in a tiny way...

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