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15 January 2010



What a beautiful smile she has - full of joy and warmth. I'm so happy to see the Haiti goods fly out of the shop.


God Bless Berta.
Whenever I see a list of places to donate to Haiti...I have been putting a link to your blog.

Carolyn Mallin

She's a beautiful lady---gotta love that smile. Do you know that she's o.k.?


Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your stories and letting us be a part.

Leah C

She's got a beautiful smile...and a beautiful heart to go with it. Hope you get another one of her hugs someday:)

mary jane dodd

what a wonderful woman... as are you... so glad to see those items selling quickly from the etsy shop... have my eye on pins!

Karen True

Your readers are lovely. I can't keep up. Every time I check the etsy shop, it's sold out! Wonderful. Keep posting, and I'll keep checking.


Yes, Berta is a special lady, you can just tell, her sunshine radiates! I would like to add my prayers

Carolyn ♥


What a warm and beautiful smile and woman. I'm sorry I missed donating for one of the soaps, I bet they sold quickly! Prayers to Haiti and you for all you do, Rebecca. I have listed your blog on my blog. Thank you for inspiring us all.


Missed again! Thanks for such a moving profile.


I will visit her website....The joy in her face is beautiful...........



Rebecca, thank you so much for all these posts. I love to "meet" these friends of yours. Your spirit ignites my heart to do and give more and more. I have been praying for Haiti this week, and thinking of you and how sweet it is of you to create the etsy shop. May you be much blessed, and may the beautiful people of Haiti recover. Please keep updating us and sharing. The smiles you share on their faces are so important right now. xo natalea


What a beautiful soul;you can see it in her face! Thank you for sharing your new friends and their stories...so touching!

Prayers for Haiti!~ I will be checking back;
their stories are so profound!

I missed the soap sale, somehow i bet it went fast!

Thanks for sharing so much with us!


OH REBECCA! It just hit me that you had been in Haiti. I haven't been on the blog list for a few days and having been hearing the news without putting it together with your trip! I wish I had been able to help throught the Etsy shop but it was all gone by now. I will continue to enjoy your memories of the dear people you met. So happy you have had good news from your new friends there. We are all praying for those desperate people. Such sadness.


Thanks for sharing...lovely pictures and priceless memories...Berta looks like a wonderful woman and I could almost imagine her singing in the hospital. I linked up your blog to mine to get the word out. let me know when there are more items available.


miz katie

Hi Rebecca. This is my first time visiting your blog, but it certainly won't be my last. Thank you for sharing all you do here.

I wanted to buy some of Berta's soap, but the shop is sold out. Would you happen to know of an etsy shop selling art for the earthquake? I'd love to donate some of my paintings.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Hello Rebecca, I am just writing to thank you for your posts about the people you met in Haiti. It brings a view into the hearts of the people that live there for those of us that try to imagine what it must be like there. On the news we don't really see the hearts of the people you know? I am so saddened by the earthquake there. I will keep praying, giving, and hoping that they will be able to rebuild stronger than they were before. Thanks for all you do to bring awareness. I have not left a comment on your blog before, but read it often and I am sure there are many many more out there like me that are seeing these posts of yours.

Here is a quote that I took from the Doctors without Borders website... I thought you might like to read it.

"Trying to catch people's attention to something so far removed from their daily reality which barely impacts them is hard. But if we cover all bases, we can make in-roads into their awareness." —MSF nurse Fiona Bass

xo Heather

Stephanie Rubiano

Hi Rebecca,

I have been reading your posts over the last few days and you helped inspire me to have an auction on my blog to raise funds to donate. I mentioned your blog and the ETSY store in the same post. Thank you for sharing your experiences and those of the Hatian people you befriended. I hope I can help!

Warm regards,

Teresa Higashi

I ordered one of the Haiti Hearts, we hope and pray for the people of Haiti and your friends their.
I can't seem to have a full nights sleep, my mind is in Haiti and the idea of me in a warm bed makes me sad. Most of the day my eyes are full with tears ready to fall. But I know that won't help so I send a check to the Red Cross and that makes me feel only a bit better.Thank you for sharing your friends with us.


Is there any way to donate directly to these people to help them get more supplies to continue making their art and producing income?

Zita-Mlle Magpie

What a beautiful photo of Berta. I will definitely be thinking of her and the others...


Hi Rebecca, your(pl.) book idea is brilliant. Raw talent mixed with necessity is a true gift. I'd love to buy a recipe book like this. maybe we can even pre-order to get the idea rolling? (It needn't even be glossy)


I know you'd love the peace of knowing she is okay. I'll be praying for Berta and asking that someday you will get to hear of her again...safe and well.

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