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14 January 2010



My husband said, there are 4 people with
family in Haiti, on his ship. I know there are starting a fundraiser, i will be posting on my blog. I'd like to add your link, as well~


These are ADORABLE!! I wrote a post about you today and put a link:)



Rebecca, I just tried to purchase a pin but unfortunately it can't be shipped to Canada; I am determined to help though so will watch for future fundraising efforts of yours. It is all so very sad....

AJ Morrison

These are precious. I would love to help but unfortunately, I cannot pay $50 for something like this. I can't even purchase your items because they are priced so high (not like they used to be!). Would love to purchase more, but just can't. Some of us are really struggling financially, even to the point of barely hanging on to our homes. I know that's nothing compared to what happened in Haiti, but I would have loved to buy one of these to help in my own small way. At $50 each, I just can't!

Cindy L.

Everything is sold! Wonderful!

Melanie Dooley

Imagine how much could be achieved with a whole army of 'Rebeccas'? More than just 'supporting' charitable deeds for people in need, you act - you meet people, do constructive things, things that in turn give these sweet people dignity and skills to help pull themselves out of the situation many were born to.

Bravo to you Rebecca and to all the generous, special people who support your Haitian friends with their purchases.


Those Haitian pins are wonderful and I would love to buy one if you find anymore. I've been glued to the television coverage too. My heart goes out to everyone in Haiti. Thanks for keeping us posted.


Like many who find inspiration from your art and your heart, I believe the opening of the Haiti Etsy shop is your most heartwarming creation to date. So far the shop was wiped clean by the time I arrived but I'll continue to watch for updates. Thank you for using your gifts, talents, and sphere of influence in helping the people of Haiti.

Francesca Di Leo

Rebecca, just to think you were there just days before this all happened. Watching CNN last night and seeing a 15 day old baby being treated for a head wound tore my heart to bits. I cried. Then donated through World Vision. I didn't make it to purchase those (simply crafted) felt pins (with a very complicated story), but will do my bit to support the shop with any future postings..

Love the work you do. You're heart is felt by many.



Thank you for sharing your heart and your stories...my heart aches as I hear of the sadness and devestation that is surrounding Haiti. I just wanted to share that I think it is a blessing that God is using you in this way. He knew you would be there before these earthquakes, He knew you would be coming back to help support the people you now call family and He knew you would be an instrument in the most tragic circumstance on this island. You are a blessing. We are praying alongside you. May God's peace and provision be on these people's hearts...I pray God's sends down the manna...It's so hard to comprehend how such tragedy can occur, but I pray people can put their trust in the Lord who is able and mighty to save! (Zeph 3:17)

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