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02 December 2009


Leah C

Oh how I love your stitching and oh how I wish I could stitch like you do, too! Beautiful piece, and linen is so pretty...love the look & texture of it:)

Sally Smith

Thank you for posting this precious sampler. I'm loving the multi-colored threads and beads. I'm so into getting everything just right that doing something for myself that no one else will see strikes a chord with me. I love the little ruching (sp?) strips you do. I've got to learn how to do that, too.

Joanna {sweet finds}

oh Rebecca,
I love your sampler. I am working on something now. Nothing major... just something for the holidays. It's very simple & rather plain. But I like it. I don't know many stitches... so I am teaching myself slowly. Looking at your sampler makes me smile. I noticed the overcast stitch... a new stitch I just learned yesterday. :) hugs, Joanna


I love to stitch too!I have made a few napkins all stitched with bits of fabrics and things, and the more I add the more I love it!


I love this, and find the little round photo swatch especially inspiring. I need to learn more embroidery stitches, I think.

Thank you as always for sharing your ideas so generously. I appreciate it, very much.

Melanie Schulenberg

LOL! I'd have a sampler the size of my street for as many times I wind up in la-la land.

Your piece is beautiful. Very inspiring.


I don't know how I stumbled upon your blog, but I am SO glad that I did. You posts are SO inspiring. Like you, I was taught to stitch by my grandmother and I have, in recent years, been doing more knitting. I am about to dig out my needles and thread and start some new projects. I also want to thank you for the recommendation of Alabama Chanin. Wonderful!!!


This is lovely - I really must learn how to stitch. It's something I keep saying I'll learn and never get around to. I must see if I can find an embroidery course somewhere. . .

Vicki Barton

Your post came on the perfect day. I found linen curtains made by my Mom and salvaged the nubby oatmeal colored fabric yesterday. There were embroidered pieces she had started too. A comingled sampler that spans decades will be perfect in January.

Suz Reaney

So charming, Rebecca!
Suz, SB Freshman and one of your students


My mom picked cotton when she was a young girl, perferring working alonside the fieldhands to working indoors with her sisters. Maybe when things slow down, and I don't have a million and one items on my to-do list, I can add some stitching to it.

Your work is lovely, comforting, and makes me think of simpler times.


Thank goodness for grandmothers! Mine taught me embroidery and a little needle lace. I used to watch her every evening as she made her lace handkerchiefs and doilies.

Ariane Cagle

I love this sampler. Reminds me how much I used to love to do embroidery when I was growing up. Need to pull out my needles and thread again!

katie struckhoff

Oh~ I so love our grandmothers who have passed their love for fibers and stitching on to their little gds. We are so lucky and blessed to have had them in our lives!


I too am so inspired by the idea of stitching small patches on to a beautifil piece of linen. If you don't mind, I would love to start one of these for myself ...



Love this
I do something similar. I have a piece of cloth to put my ideas onto and I was looking at it the other day and it is so cool. I may just have to use it for something arty.


Oh this is lovely! I WILL teach my youngest one to sew. What a great idea for doing it too.

And how well I can relate with the what-am-I-doing-here-thing at the art table. I must start one of those pretty samplers.

Anna R

Love your blog. You have just given me such a great idea. I am making a little book bag using a linen tea towel for a four year old.I am going to embelish the bag with some stitching. Thank you so much for the inspiration.


Oh my gosh! It's amazing. You just continue to inspire. I've been thinking in January I will start a 12 month sampler and now I'm sure of it! I was wondering if you can share a source for the loose leaf rings that you gave us in the SB journal class. I'm lovin my journal and really want to make more! I really love the patina on the rings you provided us! Jen


I believe that there are those among us who have a God-given gift to inspire and elevate others. You have that gift. I am in the process of moving sometime this year, and came across my linen pieces. Now I am inspired to begin my own sampler. Thank you for this special post, I believe it was meant for me, but see that it was meant for many others, as well. Enjoy your Christmas.

Teresa aka Tess

I have a table runner I started practicing stitches on many, many years ago. It has been stitched on over several winters. I've misplaced it again and now your post brought it to mind. I wonder if I'll be able to find it when I look for it this time. I practice trying to copy my grandmothers stitches as I was never patient enough to learn as a child. I also use crazy quilt techniques on it and buttons. I'm so glad I have quilts with samples of grannies stitches to look over and copy now.
Hmm! Where is that darn thing?!!


Thanks Rebecca, for reminding me of a "first love", and the possibility of stitching again. I expect to return to this happy pursuit as a reminder, during this phase of my life that larger sewing projects are not feasible ...
Please would you add the link to your previous sampler? xxxx

Carmen Torbus

I'm so in love with your blog right now. Such beauty everywhere I look!

Marci Glenn

Oh my this is a beautiful piece. After I finish my Christmas Journal and the Remains of the Day Journal, I must pick up my needle and thread. I miss the texture of the fabric in my hand. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful, heart felt piece of art.

Linda Cain

Beautiful work. Love the colors and design.

Linda Cain

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