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02 December 2009


Penny Pudge

A very calming and inspiring sampler.


I am going to do this in the new year... It's a must-do project for me. I love the whole idea, and it's bits and pieces of who I am, my family, and so on... I can't wait. Maybe Christmas is a good time to start-get the kiddos to stitch something on it too! Ooooo! I like that idea!
Lots of hugs, sweetie! Have a Very Merry Christmas!!

Karla Laura Smith

Indeed I need to do this during the New Year. Ready now to gather my supplies to fill my creative spirit as we bring this year to an end. Kaari is a really big inspiration to me, as I found her French General studio and felt connected when entering her lil house of vintage goods. Don't you just love all her books! Truly missed my trip planned to Silver Bella this year.

Can't wait to get started, a first too.

Happy and Warmly,

Dawn Patterson

Hi, Rebecca. I just discovered your blog and am captivated by your sampler. Do you have one completed that you could post? I would love to see what a finished one would look like. I have always been drawn to samplers but found the counted thread ones too confining after awhile.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Mel Nunn

Hi Rebecca... I love the way you turn vintage finds into works of art.

Just wondering how you go about making the stitched "eyelets" or frames like you did with this sampler (the one with the photo inside)? Do you cut the fabric first or after you have stitched?

Is there a book you refer to?

Love, Mel xx


Love the idea and love stiching but haven't done any since I was a little one. My Grandmother in France use to stich and I would watch her. She taught me some, but I relly wish she hadn't been so far from us that I could have learned more. A few weeks in the summer in France was not enough time. I am a quilter and love fabrics so think I just might need to start me a stitch sample book. Thanks for the inspiration.


i would love to start a sampler, but i've literally forgotten how to stitch! last time was in grade school maybe 40 years ago!

is there a stitch book or demo online that i can use?

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