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02 December 2009


Susan Beth

Oh! I am inspired to have one of those! I'll be looking for the right towel or other "substrait" to begin working on. It will help to keep my fingers busy when my mind can't focus!

Kelly in Canada

Rebecca, your sampler is absolutely lovely. What a charming document of your days and moods and ideas. I am a cotton and linen girl, too, from my clothes to my home decor so I appreciated your diversion. Enjoy your days.

Suzette Ladouceur

It is beautiful! I tried the sketch technique you taught us and loved it! I'm giving it as a gift this Christmas. So glad you posted today. You were missed.

lorraine lewis

No long ago my husband asked me to ride along with him as he checked out a job site- not one for taking long drives I brought along some linens and threads so I could stitch because I am so inspired by your lovely pieces of art. I thank your Grandmother al well :)

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

Good morning Rebecca;
When ever I see that you have posted something new on your blog, it makes me smile and adds happiness to my day! What would our lives be without stitching the stories together!
Love and blessings,

Zita - Mlle Magpie

You're inspiring me, Rebecca. One of these days, I will start my own little one too.

Karen B

Rebecca, everything you touch is beautiful. BTW, I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market with Heather, Amy, Pam and Jenny last month. I won the prize for the most creative tote. Wanted you to know that a lot of it was inspired by what you do. Thanks so much!

Karen @ Elderberry Street


I am now in search of the perfect piece of cotton fabric to begin a project like this. The larger projects intimidate me, but these small squares are do-able. I think I can learn some skills, experiment with beads and color, and still not commit to a large piece that will get left behind. Thank you for sharing your beautiful linen with all it's stitches of inspiration!


i am breaking in my first sewing machine and love the sampler cloth idea.


Rebecca, your work is always beautiful because it comes from the heart. I think a 2010 sampler might be something I will work on this year.


Beth Perry

it is sooo beautiful!!!
I wish I had learned to stitch and sew. I am getting a sewing machine from Santa for Christmas...I gotta start somewhere!
Thanks for the inspiration!


So lovely, Rebecca...
This project is on my short list for 2010. Thank you for the inspiration.

Carole Brungar

Hi Rebecca, I can tell this will be a special piece! After your first sampler I started hunting for just the right fabrics and have a small collection. I am going to make my very own, thank you for the inspiration. Wish I could fly over to attend a Silver Bella class with you! How about coming to New Zealand!! :)

Dee Dee



Dearest Rebecca,
What is the stitch you used for the pearl flowers with pink stems and how many strands of floss do you like to use.
Smiles, Andra


I was just thinking about you yesterday. I had to look back at your past Christmas ideas to find the ones about glass bottles. I love the sampler cloth, is the little picture paper?

Shirley Pando

Oh, another wonderful project! I will have to start one and leave it lying around like you do. It is a joy to visit your blog!

Jo Wholohan

this is just lovely rebecca, you have me all inspired xx


This looks so lovely. I like linen and cotton to. There's just something about the texture that's pleasing both to the eye and to touch.

Lori S.

well, i wish i had such a beautiful project to show for all of my glazed-over-what-am-i-doing-here times.


On the 28th of November while watching a couple of movies, I hand-stiched an older piece of play around fabric to some sheet fabric and added some felt and that is going to be my sampler, its 5x7 in size. Happy happies.

Alison Gibbs

Rebecca the beginnings of another beautiful piece. What size fabric do you suggests we 'newbies' start with. It looks so pretty and would be perfect to just pick up every now and then as you do


More lovely inspiration! Thank you! I bought the book Crazy Quilting, The Complete Guide while on a Shop Hop this summer - not because I Crazy quilt but for all the lovely stitching designs. Your sampler is the perfect inspiration for trying out some of those stitches!

Francesca Di Leo

I've started one but put it down, and seeing this just reminded me why I started in the first place. I'll be picking it up again when I get home. Inspired all over again.

You're work is stunning.. and love it when I see a new blog post from you!

Have a fabulous rest of the week!



I must start on this after the holidays-thank you for the link to Kaari's blog, I have her jewelry book as well as "Home Sewn", and her work speaks to my heart just as yours does. My grandmother also taught me to sew, I still feel connected to her every time I pick up a needle.

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