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16 November 2009


Lorelei Campbell

Thank you for your gift of sharing your experiences and friendship with us. Isn't it lovely to have such treasures in our ordinary lives?


Beautiful story...
The tittle of your "book" is so easy understanding for me... lol!!! Fabriqué à la maison... et bien fabriqué même ;-)
Have a good day!!

emily pitts

it's because you are so very gracious that we all love you. and i didn't even take your class! :)


I wasn't in your class, but after reading what you just wrote I can tell what a sweet, classy person you are!!!! :)

Beth Perry

so awesome. beautifully written. I hope I can go one year.

Julie B.

Rebecca, you never cease to amaze me with the inspiration and creativity that flows from you to your students! I feel fortunate to not only call you my teacher, but also my friend! May St. Anthony always help you to find that little lost bit that makes your projects complete! Pope Dominitro Chaotico has claimed that you are a living Saint! Blessings to you and yours...


What a wonderful memento of this event!
I love the look of this. I someday, hope i get the chance to go to this wonderful event.
I agree, it does seem to bring out the best in people!

Enjoy your treasure trove!


Hi Rebecca! I really enjoyed the two classes I took from you!! I'm the one that had the little pics of my boys for the cigar box project. You have always been so inspirational to me...I was so excited to meet you! Hugs from Texas! :)mendy

katie struckhoff

I love your heart Rebecca and I loved learning from you! You blessed me! Many Blessings are being sent your way!


I feel so blessed to have been able to attend Silver Bella for the second time. It is an amazing luxury to spend 3 days with inspiring like-minded souls. Rebecca, it was a privilege to meet you and take part in your class! You teach from the heart and that is what makes it so special!


This made me cry. It captures so beautifully the essence of creativity. It was meant to be shared and in the end, it's the relationships. That's what touches us most deeply.

Love this post.


Rebecca, I just adored your cigar box class and wish I had could have taken your second class as well. Yours was my very first class and what a wonderful way to start off the Silver Bella experience. It was such a pleasure to have the time we needed to really work on our art and be able to walk away with a finished project. I truly enjoyed your class and look forward to taking another sometime in the future (do you think you could come to California? ;-) ).
Sharon :-)


That little book is just darling! I hope to go to silver bella someday!

Suz Reaney

I wish I had the courage to write in your notebook, to speak to you, or to get my picture taken with you...hopefully another time. Instead I just watched you inspire us from my back row seat and got thoroughly wrapped up in my project. You gave us a project in which we all could succeed. Some did the basics (like me) and some to it to far heights but we all felt good about it. You seemed to have something nice to say to everyone. I was honored to be in your class.

Sabrina Sane

What a dream to take a class from you and soak up some of your wonderment! I so LOVED the cigar box collage and wish I had taken the mixed up journal from you. Generosity is what YOU give. We were all blessed to learn from such a caring soul. Thank you.


I don't know what Silver Bella is...but it looks such fun.

Love your blog

Jen Day~sugaredsongbird

I'm so glad to have been a tiny part of that notebook. I added my card early Saturday, and it was already brimming with beauty and warmth. I'm so glad to have shared a little bit of that happiness!

Margot  Abbott

Wish I had been there. What a wonderful idea. I love your art that I've seen in magazines. I always tear out the pages and put them in my journal. I like how you use found objects, natural pieces, fabric, string, whatever, but it's all beautiful. On my list of things to be thankful for!


Thank you for all the inspiration you share with us! Happy Thanksgiving!

lorraine lewis

The book is so sweet, shows the kindness that is abundant in this great big world we live in- oh how I wish I could have been there.


Beautiful ...a book bursting with sentiment. I love it.

Andrea S.

It was so obvious after meeting you last year for the first time, that you're just one of those people.....one of those people who others love to be around. Your presence is calming and real and humble. You are a gift to each of us, and you deserve every little trinket in that amazing journal!
xo andrea

Rose Brier Studio

Rebecca, I loved being able to add a note and card to your book. It felt so generous that you asked us! I was fortunate to take both of your classes and they were wonderful! I have already started on a hodge podge journal for a young friend who is getting married in 2 weeks. Her mom painted the picture on the invitation and I am going to use it in the cover window. I plan to have family write in the book and add photos of them on facing pages.
It would be a wonderful treat if you are there again next year and if I am able to take more classes with you.
All the best this holiday season,

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