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16 November 2009



And your class and you gave back to me...peace and comfort, relaxation and inspiration at a time when the year has not been so kind and happy.
Smiles your way, Andra


Happy for those who had the opportunity to share such a weekend!


I so enjoyed being in your creative midst - the cigar box class( or in my case - a tin with a tree!) was inspiring and joyful!

Take good care and I,too hope our paths cross again.



Your gentle style of teaching is so inspiring. You are always there to offer encouragement and have such kind things to say. I felt very blessed to take both of your classes at Silver Bella this year. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us.

Sue E.


Rebecca, I love to hear stories like yours today. There is something so amazing that happens when people share their art, their hearts, their passions. It's what, I think, God intended us to experience when He gave us spirits that long to create and connect. Such a wonderful, good thing!

Karen B

I wish I could've joined your class. Don't you think that moments like these are little glimpses of what heaven will be like?

Karen @ Elderberry Street


I cannot express what it means to follow someone's work, their blog, own a piece of their work, then be able to meet them and learn directly from them. And by "them" I mean you. Willowy, demure, shiny, talented, dear you.

Thank you.


I remember at 08 SB when I was in the elevator with you several times before I took your class and being afraid to even speak. Then I was in that class and you were the most gentle and encouraging soul. I am a fan forever. This year that impression was confirmed! I just love sitting there creating and I ADORE my cigar box! Thank you for another memorable event!

Courtney Walsh

What a beautiful gift... I am sure your students feel like the ones who received the true gift, though! :)

Jemellia H.

This post makes me want to cry, but, I am too tired from Silver Bella. You are an amazing person who has such great spirit. I hope that our paths do cross again. I felt honored to take both of your classes this year.


gulp. what a wonderfully heartfelt post.

tales of silver bella just amaze me. maybe next year?



So happy that you touched so many lives and were rewarded in turn........:)

hope | paper relics

I loved seeing your book both in the very first class, with just a few people's notes, and then again in one of the last classes brimmng full. And I was so happy I took both of your classes, I am delighted with my projects, and I just love your energy and good spirt - so wonderful to be around.

xo hope


Dear Rebecca,

You are a gift to this world, and SO GENEROUSLY share yourself with others. Your classes bring out the best in everyone. Every project I've made with you is a treasure. I feel so lucky to be able to learn from you! You deserve every ribbon, trinket, charm, accolade and blessing you received and more.



What a beautiful surprise Rebecca! You should not be surprised though, even through the internet, all the way here in Australia, I can sense the kindness and talent you exude. I just wish I could take a class from you! Also, congratulations on the piece in Somerset Studio - it was stunning!

Sheila R

Dear Rebecca,

I truly enjoyed taking your class and creating the cigar box! You are a beautiful, gentle soul that continues to speak to my heart each and every time. You have and continue to make my dreams come true... being able to attend your lovely classes at SB the past 2 years and now to own your Santuary collage. Thank you for continuing to be you and allowing some of my dreams to come true. You are a true gift!

Shirley Pando

What a precious gift to you. I am betting you truasure that forever. I so wish I could have been there. :D


What goes around comes around. You do make a difference in this wacky world. God is good! I hope to be blessed with a class from you one of these days.
Happy week to you!


i would give anything to one day be a student in one of your classes, stumble into you at a nashville bookstore, or meet you at silver bella.
YOU inspire me more than you know.

beautiful entry rebecca

Joanna {sweet finds}

How sweet! Thank you for writing to/about us. Lucky me, I participated in 2 of your classes this year & 1 last SB.

When I stated in class, that your blog is the one I run to when I need inspiration, I truly meant it. I love, love, love your style. Your artwork is amazing and I always feel lucky & refreshed after getting to spend a tiny amount of time in your world.

I hope that you will be amongst the amazing line up of instructors next year. I look forward to taking many more classes from you. big hugs, Joanna

susan gilman

Oh I love this post and all the comments and I so very much wish I could be at Silver Bella to be in ALL of your classes!! Some day, some day!

Thanks for sharing. That book looks SCRUMPTIOUS and I am sure it was a treasure to read on your flight home....you deserve it for all you give...


your students are so sweet and thoughtful. what a treasure.

Alison Gibbs

Rebecca, it seems like Silver Bella certainly brings out the best in everyone. You are all so lucky to have the event. Just wish we had it here in Melbourne Australia


Wonderful entry. Now I really want to take one of your classes.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

That little notebook is amazine, Rebecca. I sure hope you will be there next year when I finally get to go!

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