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14 October 2009


Suzette Ladouceur

Such a beautiful collage! Where do you find your quotes? They are so vivid and enjoyable.

You new profile picture is lovely.

lorraine lewis

I love the color green- the plate in the collage is beautiful and your new banner is pretty cool too!

Leah C

Aahhh green...what a soothing color. Love the changes you made to your blog; so fresh & pretty:)

Dee Dee

My favorite color. Love the collection.


Saw you in Blogging for Bliss! Love your blog! I would love if you stopped by mine, as well! Great green colors here...


Today I am lovin' the green.....!



if the view is as stunning as the images above, i'll take the crroked, winding.....




Beautiful photographs, and I love your new header. So simple, yet perfectly creative!


Totally!!!!!!!! love the quote xxx

Alison Gibbs

Fabulous collage.

tea time and roses

Green is my favorite color! I clearly have to watch myself for everything I own would be green, I simply adore the color. Your photos are just beautiful.:o) Enjoy a most lovely weekend.



Rini Boer

Love to see your green spots !
Have a good weekend !
Love Rini


my favorite color...this mosaic has lovely shades too ~ elk

Heather Earnhart

Green is such a calming color for myself and so I have made sure to have lots of green around me.
As an artist myself though, I love every color!! It is hard to pick just one. I love your idea to have several different items with a variety of green hues. It's wonderful!
I have just signed up for your beautiful blog after reading your newest article in Somerset Studio, my newest one today and I really enjoyed your article and how you speak of it and how important it is to help people. I can relate to you so well and I needed to hear your story today.
I have been in a bit of a funk in life for a bit, and I realize that what I need to do for myself is to create an art journal with a nature theme. I need to reconnect my life spiritually and your words and incredible works of art shown in this months Somerset Studio was just what I needed. That one last little push to get up and moving. I just thought I would share how you and your art have inspired me. Thank you so much for sharing your work with the world and with me.
Heather in Norman, Oklahoma


beautiful photos. I never think green is a color I'm drawn to except in nature, but you have me reconsidering!
xo natalea

diane cook

Oh, beautiful green. Love the combination of photos in this collage =) Love the words. So few, yet so powerful.


I am blown away by these collages. I have never seen anything like them.. You are creative and make me see that I still have a lot to learn! I love your quotes as well.

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