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27 October 2009


Leah C

Oh wow...lots of drooling going on over here! Your fabric journals are so, so beautiful:) Hope that college girl of yours calls you soon; have a wonderful week!


And will you be bringing some of your vintage people photo sheets? Pleassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee..and thank you,
Smiles, Andra

Leah C

Ok, now I'm crying over here...just listened to the song. Beautiful:) Don't you just love his voice?


I love your journals, even in their unfinished state. They are so lovely, and this Ray LaMontagne song . . . well, it chokes me up. Me week has been tough, and your post lifted me. Thank you so very much. xo


i started looking at each journal to see if i had a favorite. how i can make that decision if they are all equally beautiful and inspiring.

hens teeth

I know how you feel. If I think of my daughter, I generally start to cry and she only lives three hours from us!
Your work is stunning, inspiring and a a sight for sore eyes (tearful ones).

Suzette Ladouceur

I'm sure she'll call. Daughters always do. There is just somethng about mom that you never out grow.


What??? Madeline is in college??? Where does the time go?! Yikes!! That means it won't be long until Brittany is gone (*sigh*)...

Oh, you should get on facebook!! ;) I just posted Brittany's 16 yr photos on there (or have Erin show you). :)

I love those journals, by the way!


Gorgeous! Looks like a lot of heartfelt work went into this :)
My favorite? The three floral arches with the little heart.


I just adore the combination of textures, touch of color and neutral backgrounds all brought together with your amazing creative design. Very inspiring! I too miss my college girl who is in her first year of Art Foundation and happily busy with project after project. I love sharing your work with her.


*wiping the drool from my chin*
These are all fabulous!!


My goodness, you never fail to inspire me.
Thank you so much for your tender heart and beautiful creation. I aspire to be just like you!


Simply gorgeous - so love your work

Sally Smith

The amount of journals!!! overwhelming...and, might I add, beautiful...no wonder you lose track of time.


All the journals are beautiful....seems as if they all have a personality of their own! I know what you mean about missing your daughter - mine has been gone off and on for the past 5 years...she's been on both coasts and in Europe. So far away!!!

Tami B.

Oh my goodness...that is one FABULOUS photo of your journals. Such beauty!

And I was glad to read that you enjoyed Where the Wild Things Are. I've been putting it off 'cause I've read some not-so-good reviews.

Happy Autumn!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Your journal pages are amazing, Rebecca!


How fun to get to do a hike that will let you forget everything else for awhile!
Nothing like family time, and spending some special time with your children.
The journals look fabulous! I'm sure you'll meet your deadline!
Enjoy your day!


Oh my goodness, what an amazing collection of art. I love each and every piece. MIght some of those show up in your etsy store?


Beautiful song! My youngest daughter finished grad school this summer and is now working full time in "the real" world. Sadly, she didn't take a job near us and it has finally sunk in that she is not coming home. I'm so sad. I guess as long as she was a student I'd held out hope...


I love your beautiful journals! Thank you for sharing them!!

Hope you get to talk to your daughter soon -- maybe get to see her, too! It's so hard when they are far away and you miss them so much!!!



I love your work. There's such peace and wisdom in it. Just a thought: How about availing some of it (eg.sewn trees etc.) in digital format for digital scrapbookers. Say at a site like Designer Digitals? I'd be so thrilled to add such elements to my pages.


i've been trying to decide if that movie is appropriate for my little 8 year old...i'm glad you loved it though.

so tickled to see your journals!
ps--are you doing cuffs again? we had touched base months ago & you were going to let me know if/when you created one...i never heard back....
so ....here's your little blog stalker biggest fan , just curious, no pressure
not like your completely swamped or anything, right?


the up side?...to have a kid such as maddie {sorry to short cut her name} ignoring mom's phone calls. =)

p.s. glad to see you here, no matter the state of readiness.

Kendall W

Wow Rebecca, I am always so inspired by you! I have finally started creating again, and I have the bug! Having a hard time doing any other mundane responsibilities cuz I just want to stitch, modgepodge and play!

These just inspire me more! Thanks Rebecca!

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