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06 October 2009



This is so wonderful!

jane jennings

Thank-you so much for sharing with us, how generous of you. See you soon at Silver Bella.


bless your heart miss rebecca

Sally Smith

Very cute! Thanks for the good idea.

sharon yong abdullah


Rini Boer

This is something for me , i love it Rebecca !
Love from the Netherlands , RINI


I love this, and thanks for showing us the steps that you took to make it!


I love this - so 'simple' and yet so beautiful. I love line drawings and I must must MUST get myself a sewing machine!!!

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

Good morning;
I think this would be fun to work on while I am travelling in our car being a snow bird from BC to AZ 1661 miles, maybe I will have to make it a bit bigger...your work always is filled with such joy it makes me smile. thank you once again for sharing your talent.


Really beautiful - it looks so easy, but I know it is not... I wish I could make something so pretty myself, but I am so not good at stitching.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Simply beautiful!


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Julia M. in MI

I love this piece! Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement to stitch.

kelly thomas

Rebecca, you are always so thoughtful in your process....thanks for sharing...kelly(simplyworn.etsy)

Beth Ann

Ta da indeed! Very lovely! Any chance of seeing that as a journal cover? And is that a new pretty picture of you I see?
Hugs... Beth Ann


I love it!! Beautiful!


Thanks, Rebecca ...that's great. Nice job of taking something awe inspiring and providing a simple template to springboard our creativity from. You rock, woman!

Rhonda Steed

wow. Beautiful! I'll have to try it out!


Woooooohoooo this is fabulous !

Carol Ryan

Interfacing! Yes! Of course!
Since the pattern lines are on the back, does one see the bobbin stitching on the front?
Love this tutorial.

Tracy Dayett

Beautiful...simply beautiful.

lorraine lewis

Love this! You make it look so easy!


I must try this....
I appreciate your sharing the process with us.
Always inspiring, Rebecca.


wonderful piece Rebecca!
and your sidebar photo is beautiful.
Happy weekend, xo natalea


though i don't think i'll ever quite manage to create such beautiful things as you, your photos make me drool! i'm passing along the "one lovely blog" award - thank you for sharing such inspiration!


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