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06 October 2009



You make it seem so easy! :) You make beautiful pieces.


Hi Rebecca

Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial. Your piece is charming and I agree with Tina, you make it look so easy!

Did you see I included one of your pictures in a mosaic I made. It's on my blog and flickr. I do hope you like it

Love and best wishes

Tracy Whitney

Ahhh, lovely. Looks like the type of project I am itching to create these days. I did something similar year ago with artwork of my daughter's. Precious. As a 5 year old she drew a portrait of our family which I adored. Now she is 19!


Thank you! Thank you! I've been unsuccessfully stitching on linen for awhile- I never thought to use interfacing! I'm on my way out the door to buy some! Brilliant!


That is sooo cool!!! I don't sew or stitch, but I just might have to try this!! :)


Just lovely. I love coming here. You inspire me with each post. xo


awesome tutorial! thank you much for sharing some of your expertise...you have filled the crafty world with exceptional inspiration & skill! prayerfully, donna!ee


ta da is right! Lovely lovely lovely.

Suzette Ladouceur

Thank you for the step by step guide! I'm going to try it!

DeeDee Roe

Wow, maybe I could do this. Hope it's as easy as you made it look. lol


thank you!! you really did make it look so easy :) I have to try it too now!


it is like taking a mini-class from you. i hope i can take a class from you in person in the future. thank you for your generous spirit.

Marci Glenn

Beautiful! Thank you for posting. Another new technique to try.

Jennifer Stewart

so, so beautiful, Rebecca. I love seeing your creative process. :)



Thank you for sharing this tutorial. I have wanted to try "drawing" with thread in such a way, but have hesitated. You've encouraged me to give it a try. I appreciate that, very much.

Your artwork is quite wonderful!


Leah C

If only my "ta-da" worked like yours! Beautiful piece:)


this is stunning...you make it look so easy &fun!

Kelly in Canada


Mary Green

You make it look so easy! It's beautiful!


Oh my! I just love this! Thanks for the tutorial! :-)

Jo Wholohan

this is so gorgeous rebecca, great tutorial xx

Catherine S.

I love this, thanks for the quick tutorial!

Alison Gibbs

So cute. Love the pearl beads


Absolutely stunning.... i love your blog so much and am sorry I haven't taken the time to post a comment before now! Always such a pleasure to visit!

Teresa Higashi

Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us...now I can share this with my grand-daughter, Lindsey. We will have such fun creating with all your lovely ideas!

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