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30 September 2009



oh, my favourite colour! I'm seeing blue sky and lots of white clouds.



Blue, too! I'm looking out at the ocean as I type this, and it's grey-blue, with a nearly Wedgwood-blue sky above it. I love the blues in this collage, especially the book cover, the buttons, the beads, and the jeans!

xo Gigi

hens teeth

You do put the most stunning collections of imagery together, so very beautiful.
I've been to Libertys, London today, so I have seen many colours!


today: projects appear in my mind as black and white paired with some vibrant color

Leah C

Oh blue, my favorite color:) Seeing lots of yellows & gold...autumn has arrived!

Gunnel Svensson

Wonderful pictures! My favourite colour!


dearest Rebecca,
How do you do the photo of blue where all the pictures are hooked together? In photoshop?
Smiles, Andra

Beth Ann

Love the blues! It was clouy and a bit gloomy here in Ohio today, so I wore my favorite yellow sweater and pretended the sun was shining. When I left work a little after 5, it actually was!

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

I'm not really seeing a specific color,
per se, it's more a shift in the light that makes all of the colors look more rich, more on the warm side of the spectrum. It's like we've lost that summer blue quality to the light and now we're orange and gold and rust. I've loved looking around.

Suzette Ladouceur

I'm seeing deep autumn red today. We had a beautifully cool morning down here in Florida and I just couldn't help myself but think of the comforting warmth of the color red...so I drank my morning coffee out of a red mug :)

Catherine S.

those buttons in the top right are so pretty! I'm seeing red and green as I work on cards for a sewing demonstration using Christmas papers this weekend.


As a matter of fact, I just bought fabric for a new quilt. I was seeing (and feeling inspired by) the colors of September...green, brown, tan (like old corn stalks) and gold (like goldenrod and soybeans). I can't wait for the weekend to sew.

Kendall Welsh

Everything seems to be laced in gold! LOVING this amazing weather!


I'm seing pale vintage plum, pink and gold

Paige King

i see blue all of the time--even through my rose colored glasses!
I love the way you see things.


blue. My favorite color, and the color of the skies here in Arizona, most of the time!

Alison Gibbs

Beautiful blues. So vibrant


Beautiful Blue... but in real life a little bit of the Red!!! :( so happy you put me in a better mood :):):) by sharing thank you


today and most days I am seeing RED!
xo natalea

Mitzi Curi

I love blues, but then again I love lots of colors. Thanks for the beautiful pics!


I had that same blue and white tin when I was a kid. I think it was a gift from a neighbor for taking care of their dog while on vacation. I think it contained bath salts or something like that.

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