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14 September 2009


Amy Dabbs

I always loved this quote.:) Loving your new creations... hugs, Amy


I wanted to thank you Rebecca. I won a copy of Tracie's new book and I wouldn't have discovered her wonderful art if it wasn't for you!

Have a great week!


Suzette Ladouceur

What a true statement. And the picture of the key was so appropriate for the comment. Thank you for the quotes that you find and your artistic way of displaying them.

susan gilman

Thank you for just the right words, at just the right moment. Love your style and your stitching....you are so soothing to my soul.


This is an excellent quote and oh so true!

lorraine lewis

I like that! Great quote for our world today.

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

I'm really thinking about this quote. It has run around in my mind for the last few days. Hmmm..


You are such a thoughtful person. I love that quote- it's very thought provoking to me since I am not in the best of circumstances at the moment(for the past 2 months). I know that it is a test meant to strengthen me and shape my character to be more like Him.I love your soul-ful artwork, too.


Amazing! So glad I read the TODAY! ;)


Fascinating thought. I am going to reflect on that one for a while.

Teresa Sheeley

I think a change is good, I am going to try some fabric crafting today. :) Love your work. You are such a talent. :)



Great jewelery - love the pieces you made :-)

Paige King

I'd love to come and spend a day with you--have you call me and say "this is what we're working on today . . ."
I am so envious of your ability to carve out time to create.
Perhaps circumstances have revealed.
All the best~

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