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02 September 2009



o...hear be still! Simply beautiful. Good luck with your Haitian Creole!


opps! heart not hear. =)

Suzette Ladouceur

Absolutely beautiful work! I love how you put things together to create a work of art.

Leah C

It's amazing what you do with needle & thread...and bits & pieces:) So lovely!


Those are such a tease ... they are amazingly lovely and want to reach out and touch each and every one of them. Can't wait to see them (and hopefully, own one!)


Love how organic your work is!


love all these, Rebecca! getting my stitching out now. thanks, my lovely friend! xo


these are lovely and make me want to get out my suitcase of embroidery stuff out and start stitching even after I promised myself I wouldn't start anything new until I finished something!


What great stuff! Very appealing!
BTW, I have a missionary friend who speaks Islander Creole. I wonder how many versions of Creole there are out there?


I can really relate to the creating in bits and spurts. Sometimes I wish my time could be more constant, but I DO love the variety and spice that comes from living each day as it unfolds.

And I DO love your stitching!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

So rich and beautiful, Rebecca!


Oh Rebecca, these are so beautiful. So very fresh and fun. Can't wait to see them finished! xox


I love your combination of fabrics and trims. I discovered a new word the other day that your work brings to mind. RE-THOUGHT.
I think it says so much. You are recycling materials, but as you do, your thoughts are integrated into the art. Lovely art, indeed.


Thank you for sharing your works in progress. Happy happies.

Alison Gibbs

Love the new creations. Look forward to seeing the finished jornals


I really like these! So inspiring. :)

lorraine lewis

I would have never thought you to be a tease!
These are so lovely- I am going to keep a close watch because I always miss out.
And someday my hopes are to take a class that you are teaching!


Such beautiful work:)

Amy Arnaz

Hi Rebecca,
I just found you in Somerset from this summer and want to comment on what you said about how nice it would be to be a student rather than a teacher. That clicked with me because I am a ballet teacher (for 35 years) and sometimes I wish I could be the student -- the one to receive. Funny how I actually could do that. I could take class from one of the wonderful instructors I know. I have to set that time aside and do it. Thanks for voicing my recent feelings. I love your blog and your artwork. xoxo Amy Arnaz

Paige Thomas King

rebecca--visiting you, via your blog, is a calming respite in my otherwise chaotic existence. each time i check in with you, i am inspired to find time to create.--paige

elizabeth woodford

Your little stitching touches and details are amazing!! Love your work!!

Sally Smith

So beautiful and so much work! I love visiting you.--Sally


I'm holding my journal...and is it ridiculous that I've probably looked through it 10 times since I've received it today!!! I LOVE IT!!!

I love making my own but yours are just amazing. I'm almost afraid to write in it. LOL

shona cole

these are really lovely, you are very talented.

Jo Wholohan

these are so gorgeous rebecca, all so lovley, can i ask what sort of fabric you are using for the base, it looks like hessian???

Jo xx

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