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10 September 2009



you know i love little peeks at your creations.

hope | paper relics

Oooh - I just got one of your journals (today!) and LOVE it - but see that "strength and grace" one in the works and the phrase "strength in grace" holds a very special meaning to me - I may have to hold off using this one - it may end up being a gift for someone, so I can get this one I see in the works!
xo hope

lorraine lewis

Love the stitched bird. I was on vacation with no internet when you stocked your shop- missed out again! Love the sweet peeks!

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

Dear Rebecca....you continue to inspire and share. Love the passion you have for your work, and can't wait to see the journals go onto your etsy!!

Alison Gibbs

Rebecca such treasures 'on the table today'


Very beautiful work in progress - so YOU!


Leah C

You always, always have such pretty things to share:)

Kendall Welsh, ARTifacts

Love the collection of beads and buttons.


Simply beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your works in progress. So much inspiration... Love those tiny embroidered round photo frames.

Karen B

I just love everything you do.

Suzette Ladouceur

Your work is beautiful. I wish my attempts were as artful and beautiful.

Lori Sheppard

you are the bomb rebecca.

Rini Boer

Love it Rebecca !
XOX rini


Always soooo inspiring ! Thanks!


i love the second to the last picture; is that metal holding the fabric. so unique.

Paige King

is that a beehive i'm seeing--or that i hope i'm seeing?


These are gorgeous, as usual. One of these days I am going to buy one from your etsy shop before they all disappear. Your work is so lovely ... so much to look at and think about. These fabric pieces take me to a calm, serene place.

Catherine Burns

AAAAHHH! I am so glad to have found you. I am your long-lost friend - you just don't happen to know me. I have been inspired by your scrapbooking/journaling for YEARS now - your early books "Life's Little Treasures" and "Moments" totally changed the way I documented our family life. Thank you!! I live on the other side of the world (thus, the difficulty of bumping into each other)and had lost track of you. Today, I thought, I wonder if Rebecca Sower has a blog - everyone has a blog these days. . . And Voila! Here you are! So glad to see you are still at work, making beautiful creations. Just had to introduce myself and say Thank You! From a long-lost-now-found friend.


your table is full of lovely things


Hello Rebecca,

I love these fabulous embroidery faces you made. They remind me Shisha mirrors...

~ Gabriela ~

Dee Dee

So lovely! Wish I could see more, but this is inspiration enough. :)

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