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25 August 2009



I truly hope you enjoyed your day outdoors with those puffy clouds and blue sky.
Living in Wyoming, I love our state bird the Meadowlark, mostly I love his sound. Where most people look for the redbreasted robin in the Spring, I love hearing the song of the Meadowlark. Thanks for the giveaway. I love the look of this book!!


My favorite piece of summer time is sitting on the front porch bench and listen to the hummingbirds vibrate through the flowers and trees. They are absolutely beautiful!

Thanks for a great giveaway!

Bethany C.

Here in the Northwest, my favorite bird is the Anna's Hummingbird...they're amazing. I found one of their tiny nests in our backyard this year - so exciting! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway for Tracie's beautiful book!

Susan Beth

It is hard to select a favorite. We have so many raptors near my house, and they facinate me, especially the owls, which have been out in force this year - great horned owls, screetch owls and barn owls have all raised families on our property this summer. And Bald Eagles are always a thrill to spot, with their white heads and tails so pure and brilliant! And then I just love the song of a chickadee. There are so many more, but I'll stop her just to be kind to your eyes!


My favorite bird is the blue heron. I have one that visits my backyard pond every winter. I also love gazing at them when we are out on the waterways. The book looks totally gorgeous!

Kirsten Russell

Hummingbirds. They are tiny, quiet little things with surprising tenacity. And are so irridescently beautiful if they let you catch a good look!

Patty Cole

i love the great blue herons, every time i sight one my heart soars.

Linda Kneip

Thank you for the information on this great artist. My favorite bird is the sparrow. I love to watch birds come to our bird feeder; fascinating to sit and watch them.

corinne braun

What a generous gift!
my favourite bird is probably the western meadow lark. the sound of the Meadow Lark marks the arrival of spring. There is never any doubt about the date; it is proclaimed with a loud flute like melody that can be heard for nearly half a mile. it can be heard all summer in the prairies and when i moved away, that was one sound i truly missed. when i moved back to saskatchewan, and heard the meadow lark, i knew i was home.

Alison Gibbs

What a wonderful book - I would love the chance to win a copy. Here in Australia my favourite bird is the magpie 0 a beautiful black and white bird. One bird I love seeing on blogs is the cardinal - such a vibrant looking bird


My favorite bird is the penguin. I think those daddy penguins in the movie "March of the Penguins" are amazing. Such devotion. I'm getting cold just thinking about them.


i love my daily visiting hummingbird but my favorite has to be those darling little chickadees

Tammy Perkins

My favorite bird is the hummingbird - they bring me such joy as I watch them dive-bomb each other as they come to my feeder - so much personality in such a beautiful small package!

Nelly Lutte aka Bella Nella

Oooh, that books looks like an awesome publication. Love to see it and learn from it. Thanks for your generosity. I love your blog and the inspiration here.


The hummingbird is my favorite bird. So hard to catch on camera ~ buzzing around the nectar then taking off to a tree to perch and contemplate life. Yes the hummingbird is truly remarkable.

Thanks for the book offer - I'll look for the book in the store definitely


lori vliegen

i would love to sit outside, feet propped up, reading this gorgeous book....and watching my favorite little hummingbirds that zip by several times throughout the day!


I love cardinals!!!!! We have a bird feeder and bird bath in our back yard and they just flock and flutter around both of them. They are such a pretty color of red and stand out from all the rest. Love the book!


My favorite bird is the hummingbird.



I can't say I have a favorite bird. I just enjoy watching them out my kitchen window fluttering around my birdfeeder.


Jean Hawkins

I love reading your blog, Rebecca! It is a wonderful inspiration to me. Thanks so much for offering this book to your readers. I love the chickadee. It has such a sweet manor, and it's blend of neutral colors and its fat tummy are just cute! Jean


My favourite is a blue jay, tahnsk for having such a great give away


Oh, this book looks amazing! I can't wait to see it up close and personal. - Kathy in Chicago


ohhhhhh that book looks divine and the Blue Wren is my favorite bird.


oh gosh.. favorite bird?
1. black capped chickadees
2. pelicans
3. red tailed hawks
4. hummingbirds
5. house finches
6. quail
7. acorn woodpeckers
8. ravens
9. wild pigeons
10. mockingbirds
.. i think you might have meant one, sorry!


The book looks amazing! How can I possibly pick one bird?? If I have to pick just one ~ I'd have to say I so enjoy the loons when we go to the cabin "Up North" in Minnesota every summer. They make such beautiful music!

Blessings ~ Patricia

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