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25 August 2009



I love Tracie's work, and if I don't win, I'll purchase one ASAP. My favorite bird is the Phoebe... with their little crested heads. They seem inquisitive and often hop over to say "hello." The meadowlark with his stunning yellow and pretty song would be #2. - Amy Bauer amy@usdemolition.com


Gorgeous!. I have a soft spot for Finches and would love to add this book to my collection.

LiLi M.

My favorite bird is a tomtit. One of the smaller birds over here. I love to see them hanging on the peanut nets, I love to see them nesting and feeding their little ones. Least favorite, though you didn't ask is the heron that eats the toads and fish from our pond. Yes, I'm usually lurking here and couldn't resist your give away. Nice to meet you!


The book looks very inspiring! Nature is one of my favourite sources of inspiration.

The red-winged blackbird is one of my favourite birds. I love its melodious song, and the flash of red against the black feathers.



Cardnials. Both the male & female. My paternal grandmother also liked cardnials so maybe i have a bias.


I love all kinds of birds. I have three cockatiels for my pets.

I loved watching the Gambel's quails when we lived in AZ. They were so cute how they followed each other. We had a family of them by our parking spot one spring and the babies were so tiny.


How gorgeous is that art?! Her work is always so beautiful and I would love to have this new book!
My favorite bird at the moment is the hummingbird, for this first year we have them all over the place and they have been such a blessing to my dad this year. My brother recently got married so my dad has the house to himself and has been lonely but the hummingbirds just will not let him wallow in pity. They (abt. 15 of them) fight each other over the feeders which entertains my dad and when one is empty they knock on the large window in the breakfast room so that he knows to refill it. It is absolutely amazing to watch them.
Thanks for sharing with us Tracie and Rebecca!


I think my favorite would have to be the cardinal. It is so hard to list just one. The book looks simply wonderful, thanks for being so generous and sharing.


I love simple sparrows or cardinals - do owls count? Thanks for the giveaway.


It looks like a very inspiring book. My favorite bird is the hummingbird. Not only are they unique in the fact that they can fly backwards but they are so cute.

Bridget E.

I have to say, it is the Hummingbird. I am having a hard time keeping my feeders full of nectar this summer. They are so amazing and very territorial, dive-bombing each other, chasing and swooping around. They have no fear and will fly right up to me and hover when I am outside. Truly wondrous creatures! Thank you for adding me to the names of potential winners!

kathy hansen

Oh that book looks beautiful, if im not the lucky winner I will preorder on amazon. My favorte birds are those little finches, every year they make a nest in my birdhouse and i just love watching the daddy gather the goods for his new arriving family. Thanks for your beautiful site.. Kathy H.


My favorite is the robin red brest. I read about them in the second grade and now even at the age of 50 (!) they're still the only bird I can positively identify.

Carol Ryan

Beautiful book. My favorite bird is the male Cardinal--especially in winter. A beacon of color in those bare branches, he pulls me to the window to appreciate his color before he's off in search of a meal for his mate and him.
Carol R


This looks like such a fabulous book--my kids and I are always doing some type of nature journaling or creating, and this looks quite inspiring. I have been seeing lots of bluebirds lately at my feeder, and they are so pretty, but my favorite bird is my son's cockatiel--she is the queen over us all!

Tawnya Huntsman

I have fond memories of the Meadow Lark. The song they sing makes my heart take flight. I love visiting my parents in Idaho as they have Meadow Larks near by and we sit for hours in the evening listening to them. And here in Arizona we always have blue skies, and sometime I find I tire of it. I prefer and occassional cloud!


I love goldfinches...they congregate on the thistles in our pasture on the family farm. I love to watch them work their little beaks to get the thistle seeds (or whatever it is they eat). While the thistles are a noxious weed,unfortunately, and bad for pastures...I'd be sad to see the goldfinches go if we killed off the thistles.


What a wonderful book! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy. My favourite bird is the Sparrow ♥

Suzette Ladouceur

I am always amazed at those who can pick up what most of us see as useless (left over pieces of ribbon, string, buttons, etc.) and make an incredible piece of art with it. I would love to learn to do that!

Susan J. Erickson

The cedar waxwing is my favorite bird. They appear in my poems as in the following lines:

“Not all those that wander are lost,” noted Tolkien.
Consider those nomads the cedar waxwings—
How their feathers are tipped with Marco Polo red.

Carole Brungar

What a fantastic looking book! If I don't win this copy I am going to add it to my "needs" list! She is indeed a talented artist. My fav bird would be the wee fantail, it is a native of New Zealand, and a wee social bird, chatters away, while you work in the garden.
carole ;)


I just love the hummingbird. The tiniest little creature that lays the teeniest little eggs...so elusive & graceful. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely book.


Hmmm, I guess I would have to say the little chickadee with his black head.

This book looks great!



I love owls, perhaps because I've only seen one in the wild once or twice.

Sally Smith

My favorite is the cardinal and not just because of his beautiful color but that he stays around all year. It's a blessing to see him in the middle of winter eating berries from my fire bush and hearing him chirp his characteristic way.

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