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25 August 2009


lori p

being from the midwest and also being the mother of the BIGGEST baseball fan, i would say the male cardinal. however, the thing that makes me choose this bird is to watch the male with the female cardinal, i love to watch the protectiveness that he provides to his mate as she is searching the ground for food for her young. i love to see him 'strut' his stuff to protect her and their young. so.... my choice for favorite bird (and favortite baseball team!!) is the cardinals!!!

pam snell

Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration.I am a bird watcher and it is always amazing to watch all the different little personalities. However, when I was a child, the Mocking Birds built a nest each year near my bedroom window and I have always loved to wake up and hear these unusual and very loud birds sing their heart out. When they were gone, you couldn't help but feel a little lonely.

debra cooper

I don't have a favorite bird--I love them all!--but one of my favorites is the Chachalaca. It is a rather ugly pheasant like dark brown bird with the loudest and most obnoxious call you've ever heard! Just one bird sounds like a flock. (A friend staying the night at our house woke up to them outside her window and thought she was in Jurassic Park!) But they wander around in families and are just interesting and funny birds. They just remind me that God has a sense of humor. It makes them more special that you can only find them at the Southernmost tip of Texas and Northern Mexico--where they are ubiquitous! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Jodi Buckmister

Wow, that book looks beautiful. I'm sure it's one I would spend hours with! Thanks for the chance to win. Jodi

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