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25 August 2009


mary w

I just added that book to my Amazon wish list this weekend! It looks fabulous.
My favorite bird...hard to choose-we've had a gorgeous Bald Eagle visiting our yard a few times this year and I love to watch him sit like royalty in our old Mulberry Tree but I really adore the sweet little Chickadees that hop around the garden and there have been quite a few woodpeckers hanging around this year-they are fascinating.

Debi Minter

I've been in love with Tracie's work ever since I met her at ArtFest years ago. She is so talented! I've been waiting impatiently for this book to come out.

My favorite bird is a swallow. I would spend hours watching them swirl and soar on the breeze in the evening. It's one of my favorite memories of our farm back in Washington state. They would come out of their nests in the evening when we let the chickens out to waddle around and it was so peaceful watching them both from the deck. My second favorite bird is the Nut Hatch. Such a funny little bird with a bright personality. I love birds so much, it's really hard to pick a favorite.




Wow! First one to leave a comment...that doesn't seem to happen! My favorite wild bird would have to be a chickadee...they are so cute and innocent! I love the black/gray/white color combinations! Our God is so great to give us so much variety in the animals, plants, trees and flowers! This book appears to be right up my alley! I am so excited to have this chance to win it! Thank you Rebecca and Tracie! God Bless your new release!

Emily Pruitt

My favorite bird is the mockingbird. It's not the prettiest bird that comes to my feeder, but I love its glorious song!

Carol Miller

My favorite birds are the wild finches. I look forward to their arrival every spring.
They are so colorful.

Virginia Burrows

Favorite bird - a toss-up between the male cardinal and the hummingbird! Virginia


There are a few... first thought seems to always be the cardinal. Happy happies Rebecca


What a great book!! I love birds and nature and love to be outdoors, especially taking pictures of it. It's hard to say what my favorite bird is, but today it will be the Cardinal--tomorrow, who knows. ha


Beautiful work -- thanks for sharing.

Leah C

Beautiful sunny day here in the Midwest:) And oh that book looks lovely...my favorite bird is the Mockingbird. Love to listen to one sing:)


I adore bluebirds. They were almost wiped-out in the area where I live but through the efforts of loving individuals who put up blue bird boxes we're starting to see them more often!


Oh what a beautiful art-book!! My favorite bird are finches. So small and sweet. When we lived in San Diego we had a huge aviary to house darling finches. I'd go out every morning with my cup of coffee and they'd greet me with sweet tweeps and twerps. A wonderful way to start my day.
Now, in Northern California we have bird feeders and bird baths in the backyard, and we get 'visitors' every morning. God's little creations are such a treat!!
Please enter my in your giveaway!



mine are the kingfishers because of their long beaks; lovely

Leah C

Beautiful day here in the Midwest:) Oh that book looks lovely...my favorite bird is the Mockingbird. I could sit & listen to one sing {mock} for hours:)

Jamie V

This book looks wonderful and I love the blue jay... my favorite bird is the Mountain Blue Bird... we have lots of them here in Montana. I love their brilliant blue color! Jamie V


What a beautiful book! Oh, I'd love to win!!! Thanks for your generosity.

It's hard to pick a favorite bird but I guess I'd have to say it's the Carolina wren. Such a plucky, happy little bird. I think its call sounds like "cheerily, cheerily, cheerily, cheerily!" We have a nest of them in our garage every spring so they feel like household friends.

Sheila R

It has to be the Blue Bird as they are a reminder that Spring is here.

Linda Richter

I must have this book..one way or the other! I love Chickadees in art! But in my backyard I love the male Cardinals!


Beautiful, inspiring! Even if I don't win a copy I'm getting this book! Thanks for sharing!!


This book is just beautiful!!! I would love the opportunity to win a copy. I think I would have to say that my favorite bird is a blue jay. Love the gorgeous color of the feathers.

Tami B.

Tracie's book looks amazing!!! Favorite bird...would have to be the cardinal that frequents our feeder. He is the most brilliant red.


My favorite bird is the "Jenny Wren" that returns to my birdhouse every spring and sings so sweetly! Thanks for all the inspiration you provide and this generous give away.

CK Chai

Thanks for introducing such a great artist! The book seems to be filled with many stunning projects and hope to get a chance to lay my hand on this!


Hi Rebecca

What an amazingly beautiful book. I think it will find it's way on to everyone's wish list!

My favourite bird has to be the blackbird. I have three families of them that I feed in my garden and they are all so cheeky. The personalities are precious and they are very intelligent birds

Love, Carolyn

Karen B

Although we don't have these in SoCal, my favorite bird is the Chickadee. Out here it would have to be hummingbirds. Looks like a wonderful book!


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