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13 August 2009


kathy hansen

Oh Ill gave to get that one.. I am a proud owner of one of you quilted pendants, i love it and get so many wonderful complements on it. just so you know.. Thanks so much for the beauties you create. Kathy H.

Karen B

Your art pendants looks beautiful! Of course, everything you make is beautiful. And, just what I need, (said facitiously) an addiction to another Stampington magazine! I'll have to take a look! I just bought Artful Blogging, GreenCraft (loved it), along with Blissful Blogging. I had put away Where Women Create for another time. YIKES!



Oh how wonderful!! This is a new magazine for me and I know that I will enjoy looking at your creations once I find it!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

OOOoooo Rebecca... I can't wait to get my copy!



Gorgeous! Must buy now...

Suzette Ladouceur

All of the art pieces you make are so classic and unique. You have a gift.


I can't wait to take a look. I've recently bought Somerset Studio and Somerset Home (how many magazines can they possibly publish? and I love every one of them!).... Now, another trip to B&N is in store!



Just gorgeous - love your pendants!!

lorraine lewis

I absolutely adore your pendants so I am really looking forward to my friday date night to Barnes and Nobles so I can purchase this lovely magazine. I am hoping to see some for sale on your etsy?


Love your journals! Must check out the new Bella Armoire magazine.

Paige Thomas King

i'll have to go get this one, too--why don't i just subscribe? i've already purchased dozens of vintage slips to tie dye thanks to the summer issue!

Angela Harris

Hi Rebecca!

You're sewing collages have made me run to Michaels and collect all the embroidery strings in colors I love. I have them all needled up and now I have something to do while the kids play outside. I'm very excited about the new projects I can carry around. I was wondering if in this issue of Belle Armoire there is a section called the Art of Presentation. I worked with Amanda Crabtree on that and I haven't received a contributor's copy. I though you might be able to tell me if my work is in there? Thank you so kindly!
Angela Harris

vintage pendants

These pendants are so elegant and classy.I like the red one most.Also this magazine is very helpful to me as I'm looking for buying some pendants for me.

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