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31 August 2009


Sue Krei

Congrats Myrna!!! I couldn't stand it and I couldn't wait until the winner was announced and ordered the book!!! LOL!! Looks like a great one and can't wait until it gets here!
Thanks for the info. about the book.
Have a great creative week. Lovin' that new journal.

lorraine lewis

What a beautiful Journal- for sale by chance?
Have a great week :)

Pam Malaer-Malatek

I am trying to find the paper of yours called Beeswax RSP017. Would you mind telling me where I can purchase more of this paper?
Thank you

Tracie Lyn Huskamp


I feel a great sense of honor to the many artist I have met and friends I have made along the way. You have added a richness to my being and a burning glow of memories have woven themselves like threads into the days that make up this one, wonderful life!

MANY, MANY THANKS to Rebecca, and all those that left a comment. I will always hold these cherished moments close to my heart.


...and what a journal to write down those thoughts in...what i love about your art is the choice of colors and fabric you use; just beautiful.


Congrats Myrna ~ enjoy!


The things you do with fabric! Or must I say the things you make fabric do. I love your style so much, makes me want to do that too so badly. But I just know it would never turn out that good. You are in a class of your own!
Thank you for sharing your art with us, it takes my breath away every time (as does this journal).
Love, M

Suzette Ladouceur

Congratulations. Enjoy!

Leah C

Congratulations to Myrna:) The birds are singing outside my door...I guess they're enjoying this cool summer!

Roban Johnson

Congratulations, Myrna! Lucky girl!


Wow, that is an amazing journal! I love it!

lori vliegen

congrats to myrna....and to the bluebird! and this journal is beyond gorgeous! :)


I am THRILLED to bits and feel BLESSED beyond measure to have won such a beautiful art book! Thank you so much, Rebecca for hosting such a fun giveaway..and thank you to all who left me such kind words of congrats!

Vickie Coonfare

First congratulations to Myrna! That's so cool. I love the blue jay! I'm also curious about your beeswax paper.

K Spence

I've just had to google bluebird to find out what they are (I'm in the UK and we don't have them), and they're certainly little sweethearts!


Myrna, you are a very lucky lady! Congratulations!

Rebecca, I love each and every one of your new stitched pieces


Pearl Maple

Congrats Myrna, lucky thing
But we are all a bit lucky to find all kinds of creative things going on in the world of blogging.


Rebecca, loves this hournal love the peephole for the word journal - not sure whether its the blue that draws me in but I LOVE IT

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