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30 June 2009


Tracie Lyn Huskamp

Welcome Home... Mz, Rebecca!

Thanks for sharing your summer goodness with us!



Hi Rebecca - Your summer trip to MT sounds divine. I am taking one or two days here or there and trying to spend some quiet time when I can (glass of iced tea and a front porch swing do wonders for the soul). I recently met Jo Packham who was here to do a story on Patience for Where Women Create, and I showed her some of your handmade treasures I have given to Patience as gifts in the past. Happy Summer to you!

-Rebecca in NY

Leah C

Sounds like what a summer should be...delicious fun:)

Suzette Ladouceur

So glad your summer has been so beautiful. I hope the rest of your summer is just as sweet.

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

Hi Rebecca;
I do think you deserve a summer this good, what a joy to see your new photos and I have loved your snapshots and made some of my own...Thank you for continuing to inspire me.

patti mullican

While you were away, I certainly enjoyed your quotes and pictures. Check in when you can and enjoy the rest of your summer. I posted a bit about what I'm doing on my blog. Feel free to take a peek-


Rebecca, your summer sounds perfect. I'm glad you've been able to enjoy yourself and the beautiful world we live in.



What a lovely post and what a nice summer you seem to be having. I have really enjoyed your vintage photos as well. I love all antiques but old photos and old books are my favorites. I live in a lovely small New England town near the base of a small mountain so my summer has been full of nature, outdoors & lots of hiking with my beloved dog. I'm afraid I may be beginning to to bore people with all my hiking and garden pictures but its what my life is about right now.


You soooo deserve a summer that good... can we come along? hee! hee~ karen...

Julie B

So glad that you are enjoying your summer and that you spent part of it in my homestate! I hope you had a chance to enjoy the sunsets while you were here :) Your posts were inspiring while you were gone, but I am glad to see you back.


i think you have inspired or... your picture has...inspired my art friend to come to missoula... she just emailed me a link to your picture with question ? is that where you live? hope you had a wonderful experience here...

and yes... i'm a montana girl... SF bay area transplant... missoula is home and i love it here


rebecca let me first say how much I enjoyed the quotes and images..such a great idea! mission trip to Montana sounds great..Henry so cute! Your summer is parallel to mine in may ways...swimming ...baking...domino games...no TV and lots of gardening.


Your summer is sounding lovely. We are just "gearing up" to relax. So looking forward to loooooonnnngg days of no running around.
My sister lives in Darby and I have visited there once years ago. Sounds like you were in that neck of the woods. She is now a U.S. citizen and we are all Canadian. I really miss her....


oooh i love this post. my favorite things about summer? watermelon... icy cold beers... the first splash into the ocean... and picnics! :)

Jamie V

Wow - Montana - maybe you were in my neighborhood? I live in Bozeman. Hope you had a great time. Love reading your blog and your artwork is breathtaking! Jamie V

[email protected]


Is that your pool? It looks soooo inviting!! I swim almost every single day in the summer...love it!

Have a wonderful 2nd half of the summer. It's going all to quickly for me!!

tracy dyar

Your summer sounds fantastic and that pizza looks delish!


only just discovered your blog but its lovely - and really enjoy all teh little quotes and poems you have abound - gorgeous

lorraine lewis

Wonderful post Rebecca- your summer looks heavenly and the food looks delicious. Montana is so close to where I live- wish I could drive up to meet you :)


sounds like a perfect summer!
i love the first image especially


I too am having a lovely summer. I wake up every morning between 3-4 am. I am on a creative roll. I think it is all this sunshine. It makes me happy and joyful. This morning I woke at 3:50. I stood in the darkness looking at my yard and just gave a hallelujah of gratitude for such a wonderful summer.

Rachel Velder

Rebecca- thought of you today since I was trying to FINALLY finish the needlework bracelet from Silver Bella 08! I posted pics on my blog - check it out if you'd like. Thanks for sharing your summer with us. Henry is adorable! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Sherri (punkrose)

Oh I love this post ~ You inspire me more than anyone else in blogland ~ Truly, I admire you so! I am having a giveaway at my blog, and since my mini pillows are inspired by you, I would love it if you entered into the drawing! Hoping you have a beautiful week ~ sherri @ www.punkrosejournal.blogspot.com


You deserve such a wonderful summer...I am from Montana and it is such a more relaxed life up North in a beautiful place. We plan to go back there next summer when our kids are a wee bit older. Have a great finish to your summer. Here is my post about our summer thus far!


Heather Bullard

Popping in to say hello! Your summer seems divine. Love all the canning jars lined up. They look so yummy! See you in the fall at SB. And enjoy the rest of these long days and warm nights. Smiles, H

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