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21 May 2009



Yes, honey, you will survive this. I know how much this hurts as change isn't predictable or promising of things to come, but it is filled with hope if you are willing to set your heart free of worries and sadness. There are so many more things for you and your beautiful daughter to experience together in life, you will find your journey together is opening to endless possibilities and pleasures.

Wishing you a peaceful heart today, dear Rebecca, and the joy that comes from seeing your child become such an amazing young lady.

Sandrine alias Didine

Hello Rebecca, it's the first time for me to comment and let me tell you that I so adore your work ! you are my muse ! I just wanted also to tell you that you for sure will survive this as you are sooooo proud of your daughter ! Your heart is full of pride and love !
Enormous smooches from Belgium ;-)

Suzanne Duda

You will survive, I did. My daughter graduated 4 years ago, and I would get teary at the smallest of things. After moving her into college, as I was driving away, a wailing noise came out of me that I have never heard before, or since. I had to pull over and cry...my heart broke that day. But it was all uphill from there, and last week she graduated from college, and all my tears were happy ones! Having had the pleasure of meeting your daughter several years ago at Silver Bella I can say, she is a beautiful, smart, self confident young woman...she is a lovely reflection of you. You should be so very proud of her. I wish both of you the very best!


My first born is a son and when he left for college, I practically had to hide the car keys for the first 3 weeks to keep from driving the two hours to bring him back home. But soon I couldn't imagine pulling him away from the world that was opening up before him and the joy in his voice as he shared it with me. I have since also experienced my daughter leaving home as well. She is now a teacher, a wife, and a brand new mom. The maturity and zest for life I see in her makes all worth while. There will be wonderful new experiences for you to share with your daughter and the pride and love between you will continue to grow and deepen. It's hard now but it does get better.


I survived. I'm sure you will, too. With grace and elegance, even!


You do survive and you share your best work with the rest of the world. :) Take comfort that you've raised a capable and amazing child who's on her way to becoming an incredible adult. :)


Does it ever go away??? No, but it does get better when you see them flying on their own wings, sugar. Of course, there will be moments when you mother's heart breaks as it did in this post of mine a month ago, but then you realize that God is in control and it does help to ease the pain. But you're their mother forever and what hurts them will also hurt you so just keep a positive attitude and let them fly, sweetpea. It's sooooo worth it! Trust me on this one... :-)


Dede Warren

These feelings will go away... but if I were you I'd hang onto them a little, and allow them to linger. Your life is changing as much as your daughter's is right now, and neither of you will again find yourself where you are today. It's a right of passage for you both. Somehow I missed realizing as I was raising my children, that I to would find myself growing and leaving my old life behind and transforming it as my future grew right along with theirs.

from one Mom to another,

Yvonne Welty

I think every mom knows what you are going through. Think of this. It's a wonderful thing that your child is not frightened to go out in the world. Every milestone is great. But yes it is different!

A librarian and mom and grandma in Indiana


Oh Rebecca, I have tears in my own eyes as I read this. My daughter graduated from a missionary high school in Ecuador. The days before she left on a plane to come back to Canada, alone, to university, were dark indeed. By God's grace we all survived, and you will, too. It's not easy watching children grow up and leave home.

Take time to grieve this change in your life. For me, one of the most healing things was to face the grief, not wallow in it, but not deny it either.

Any change in life means both loss and gain. Grieve the loss, embrace the gain.

It's exciting and scary to see how God will use our beloved children.



And I forgot to mention - she is beautiful - her inner beauty shines in her smile and eyes.



let the tears and smiles flow, it does get easier, promise! =)

Teresa McFayden

Look at that sweet first child of yours!! She is such a beautiful girl on so many level, Rebecca. You know I'm feeling your pain and joy at the same time!! Thanks for holding my hand, and I will continue to hold yours, too. Word in my mind as I go through all of this: GRACE.
My hubby is almost worse than me lately. He cried a little last night at Allie's graduation. He also cheered for her.

We'll be okay...we will.

Linda Richter

You will survive.... and you will go through it all again... many times... And you know that it would be worse if she wasn't graduating, if she wasn't moving on, growing up, spreading her wings. These are the things you've been praying for! Enjoy each moment and embrace the tears! I met her at SB a few years ago, too...and she is beautiful!

Cindy Ericsson

Maybe that ache in your heart is just "growing pains" as you prepare to watch her fly on her own. May God continue to bless and keep you both!


I know nothing of how to handle this...but you've inspired me to call my own mom and say thank you for all the support and love she's given me over the years. I cannot even imagine what it will be like the day my son is ready to leave the nest. I have tears of pain just imagining it. Blessings and Hugs to you as you push your little bird out to fly...may you experience unending joy at how beautifully she soars!


it was very challenging not only for me but for dad and little sister (even the dog!) left at home...your whole family dynamics change ...not in a bad way, just different! Allow yourself time for every emotion that comes your way...you have done a wonderful job with your little bird she still needs you but on a different level...please know I will be thinking of you as you travel this road that so many have walked as well


Your daughter is beautiful - good luck to her (and to you!) and she follows her path! x

Debe L

I work at my daughter's high school and every time she walked in and out of my office her senior year, I would tear up. Of course, Mother Nature was playing with me too about that time but it was still an emotional time. However you will both survive and there will be new dramas to take your mind off the sadness. Nature of girls, delightful as they are....I will keep you in my thoughts.

Jamie V

I have done this three times and have one more to go! I feel that if you have done the best job you can do parenting then letting go should be a good, happy thing. It means you have given them what they need to succeed and they have the confidence to move forward! Blessings to you!
Jamie V in MT


I'm not there yet, but still struggling with the my oldest starting Jr. High. Ouch, it does hurt. I remember waking up in the middle of the night last week realizing I many only have six more years of him at home and crying my heart out. My husband keeps reminding me that things will keep getting better and better. I know I will be a mess when he does leave.

lori vliegen

congratulations on your beautiful daughter's graduation! i've been there, and i'm not sure the heartache ever goes away...it just gets replaced with the joy you feel at seeing them as responsible, giving, loving adults (which is exactly what you've always wanted, right?!). it's a feeling that only mothers understand (part of the "mom code" i think!). as hard as it was to watch my first leave, it was even harder to watch my baby leave. and the really good news is that they always come home!! :)


Rebecca, she's beautiful! and congrats! Sigh, I can't help you in the letting go. I just found my little one 20mos ago and have quite a few years to hold and smell her hair (if she'll let me) !


You do live through it. It will hurt, but in a good way. I have 2 daughters, now 23 and 26. I found myself thinking when the oldest graduated high school in black and white. By that I mean, I was thinking of it as a goodbye. Like she was here, but then she'd be gone. For both my daughters it wasn't like that though. They both went to college, but they were back and forth a good bit, so that there was more of a transition with time to get more used to them not always being there. I've had them both marry in the same year within months of each other(wouldn't wish that on anybody, lol) and both move far away. The youngest we just moved to Texas last week. My oldest is back closer again and now expecting our first grandchild. So with the bittersweet sad times will come times of joy and we Moms cry through them all.



oh what a precious entry.
rebecca, i'm only two steps behind you. i tear up just thinking about my big girl who is fiercely independant and what my little world will be like when she flies....

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