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04 May 2009


lorraine lewis

Rebecca this is so lovely. I had planned to do something like this with an art journal...
didn't quite happen which makes me sad.
Enjoy this special time with your daughter, they become young adults so quickly.
We will still be here waiting for your inspiration when you come back.

Julie - eab designs

So inspired by your sampler. How beautiful. Our oldest daughter will be graduating this year as well. Such mixed emotions! From the time she held her first crayon, we knew she was destined for a career in the arts and that is what she'll be pursuing. So as much as my heart will feel empty when we drop her off at college, it will also be filled with joy as she begins her dream.

Jodi Buckmister

Enjoy every minute of your daughters graduation, it's a magical time! Take lots of pictures but make sure someone else takes lots of pictures of the two of you... you will both treasure them.

Have a great time.


Enjoy your daughter's graduation!!! when my daughter went up to receive her diploma the sky opened up and it absolutely poured LOL!!! Take lots of pictures!!! Your sampler is incrediable.....very inspirational!!! Thanks for sharing!!


goodness-it's becoming more and more beautiful! my youngest graduated last year from high school. it was his 19th bday on may 1st and i still can't believe another year has passed since then. congratulations to all of you-i know it's a crazy time!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Rebecca, your art sampler is incredibly beautiful! I just love it! What a wonderful idea.


Whoa...totally understand about the busyness of graduation time. In our area, the tradition is to throw a huge graduation party...then you go off to all the other graduation parties..
The one nice thing is that no cooking is required for a few weeks! Well, at least after your big event is over.
Enjoy this special time with your daughter.
The sampler is coming along nicely, Rebecca.


Rebecca...thank you for your heart. You continually inspire me. Have fun at grad! ;)


Thanks for sharing, andra


p.s.when you have moment..how is everything attached? sewn, glued...all ways.


I'd love to see this in a bigger size so I can look at every detail.

Alison Gibbs

Love that proverb. Thanks for sharing it and your gorgeous sampler


That is so pretty!!


stunning project !!

Brian Kasstle

This sampler is AMAZING! Love it! As I love ALL your projects!!


The sample is turning out very nice! Love all the detail and color variation. Love the quote too.


Rebecca, I just love the sampler. I just can not believe the girls are that old. Time sure does fly. Enjoy the summer I'm sure she will be going off to collage in the fall.


Well, that just made my heart go thump thump. It is truly a thing of artful beauty.

Debe L

The sampler is truly a thing of beauty. All those little rememberances. I wouldn't worry about timelines either in your case, don't hurry that masterpiece! Enjoy your senior. This kind of time cannot be regained.


I truly heart this art sampler, such a beauty!




I want to touch every piece! Detail...where are the detail shots???

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