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06 April 2009



Those journals are beautiful! Is it hard to sew the cover on??? I have really started to dabble in sewing more..so I am really curious how to make something like that!


Beautiful journal you have made! I am like you, the writing comes hard, the result is very pleasing. Not only the words itself but also the clarity that comes from the process itself. I have these past few weeks taken up writing again, and I love the effect it has on me. So your post really hit home for me.


true words today ~it is a hard thing to do...but love the results~even just a basic list is ok!

the journals are whimsical and i LOVE birds..


So true! I read somewhere about keeping a one-sentence-a-day journal. That would be heaps better than the nothing I'm doing now! Thx for another great post.


I love writing and don't know why I let days go by without doing it. There's something that calms me and clarifies the world when I write.
Elisabeth Elliot said "You don't really know what you're thinking until you write it down."



So incredibly inspiring. They are just gorgeous!


I don't journal nearly as much as I once did...
You nudge me with this post, Rebecca.

Have a good week.


I enjoyed reading your post and may want to share it with students next year if you don't mind. I think your words sum it up well. I really enjoy the process though ... I love it when I say something in just the right way!



First, those journals are absolutely beautiful. I found your blog on Wendy Smedley's blog. In all honesty, I am fulfilling a giveaway requirement. But when I saw your name listed I knew I had to come on over to thank you for being the #1 instrumental scrapbooker who altered the way I scrapbook with your book Scrapbooking Life's Little Treasures. I picked it up in '02 after I had been scrapbooking for about four years. It changed the very essence of my scrapbooks and made me fall in love with this hobby all over again. After having three boys (and falling into a bit of a scrapping dry spell), I am finally making the time to be creative again. Finding your blog makes it all come full circle. So thank you for your creative inspiration.


Jeanne Selep

Your work is lovely as always. Another thought to add to your writing - Journaling / Writing gets easier and better with practice.


Oh my, if I had that beautiful journal I am sure I would write! Yep..most probably, maybe...but I sure would admire that journal! karen...


Perhaps, words come more easily and beautifully when journal is as beautiful as yours ;-)
After reading yours words, I just want to ask me and... thinking ..
Have a nice day !!

Plus facile en Français ;-))) Les mots viennent certainement plus facilement et plus joliement avec un journal aussi beau que le vôtre.
Vous m'avez donné envie de me poser et de... penser.
Bonne journée.

lorraine lewis

Rebecca, this is truly good advice...
I have just a few hand written letters and such from my father. He passed away 10 years ago. These thoughts and sentiments are such a gift. I treasure them.
What a wonderful gift we can leave for our family and loved ones.


Those are so beautiful. I love birds. And those colors!


I don't have a problem writing...but I'd definitely do it more happily in a journal as beautiful as yours. You're a great source of inspiration.


Love the new look!
Thanks so much for your kind comment regarding our son's deployment.
I appreciate it very much.

Dawn (again!)


Went late to pick up the mail today and saw some red spotted leaves moving gently on the breeze and remembered with a smile that grew to a grin the time when I found a red pistachio shell on the ground while we were having a huge summer picnic out on base up in Alaska...I picked it up and looked it over and with delight I found my new red finger nail. I went has fast as I could to show just everybody that nail, took it home with me and in the weeks to come drove everybody crazy. It didn't matter that I had to use my pointer finger to hold it on. Was it the box of instant pistachio pudding I bought the other day coupled with the pistacio shell that has been on the stairs as I come and go -mingled with the red leaves that brought this to mind? Happy happies.

Brian Kasstle

I love your new header and your new pic!


Read this quote the other day... "It's hell writing, but it's hell not writing. The only tolerable state is just having written." Robert Hass

Cheryl Bass

Rebecca, thanks so much for your "writing" posts. I totally agree with your thoughts. I love to write, but more often than not, I love to have written. With the hectic pace of life and the never-ending "to-do" checklist, I find I never sit down to write the way I would like to. However, I have learned the handy art of "journal in the car" and "journal in the purse". Whethere it's a cute little composition book I've altered, or even a plain old notepad...those clean white pages call to me in the snippets of time I find sitting in line at the bank or waiting to pick up a kid from school. I don't always get in a "full entry", so I tend to just let my thoughts flow quickly and freely without much editing. In a way, it's more organic and REAL that way, anyway! I don't know that future generations will give a lick about what I've written. But, the process works for me nonetheless! Thanks for reminding me of that--I need to pick up my mini-journal and pen more often.

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