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09 April 2009


Penny Pudge

thank you for the nudge. so right that I love what I have written and so glad I had, but such a struggle to do so. Note of encouragement: my daughter who is almost 33 now told me once she wants me to leave her my journals so to her the writing is important. I so love your blog and your honesty and your art. May you be blessed. Penny


have a wonderful weekend outdoors with your sweet family! xoC


Have fun camping!! And Happy Easter!


What a beautiful blog you have here - it delights every sense! Have added you to my blog list because you inspire me so much!
Have a happy weekend, best wishes, Carolyn


I really loved your latest article in Somerset Studio. You are so inspirational and I have featured you several times on my past blog posts. your ears must be burning. Happy Easter to you and family! with awe and admiration, tj09


oh you have rearranged ~i like it!
thanks for encouraging words . elk


two posts featuring images of your created journals in one week--dont spoil me!!
i love them
& honestly, i love to write my thoughts especially in r.s. creations
happy easter to you too

Faith and Chocolate

Happy Easter, sweet girl! May it be blessed with family goodness. ;) L-O-V-E that little journal book... Total greatness!

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

Thanks so much for encouraging us to be mindful of the importance of words, and for giving us such a lovely example of just how powerful they can be in the song on your blog.


Beautiful Journals!! have fun camping!! Happy Easter!! Char


Enjoy your weekend.... camping always soothes my soul.



Rebecca, there is nothing like the power of words. When written down, they clear your mind and make the thoughts come to life

Jeanne Selep

I love these last 2 blog entries. They are so true - Writing clarifies your thoughts, forces you to think, and the result is worth the effort, but sometimes we procrastinate. Your writing is inspirational, you have something of value and a wonderful way of saying things that makes it of value to more then you - So please take this as encouragement for more blogs entries. The same goes for your photos! Thank you for sharing your talent.

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