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13 April 2009


lorraine lewis

Gorgeous Banner. I would love to learn from your creativity and soak in some of your sweet spirit.


The Day Without Shoes is definitely a worthwhile cause. Good for your daughter to be spearheading something that will have such an impact on others. Silver Bella looks like a fun outing, but I'm afraid I'll have to enjoy Silver Bella online only! Thanks for sharing two great sites.


Debe L

I was so happy to see you back on the SB list....You are definitely on MY list tonight!! Thanks to my husband, I have lots of cigar boxes!!

Sheila R

So glad to see you on SB lineup of talented ladies! Can't wait to sign up for your class tonight!


How nice for you to be taking part in SB! What a blessing to have that opportunity! Hope you will share some highlights afterward.


I'm SO thrilled you'll be back in Omaha this fall, hoping to get into your cigar box assemblage class!


Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for stopping by blog and leaving your kind comment - I am an admirer of your work as well, unique and beautiful. I've heard such wonderful things about Silver Bella, sounds like a delightful venue to teach and vend at - enjoy!!


I'm so excited about Silver Bella! Last year I took both of your classes, and this year I'm signed up for both of them again. You are such an inspiration, Rebecca. I can't wait to see you in November.


No, we are not tired of you yet!
I'll see you in November, in both of your classes. :)

Carolyn Peeler

Your classes for SB look awesome :) You gals are in for an awesome weekend! xoxo

Pearl Maple

How exciting to see another Silver Bella brewing with all kinds of interesting themes and projects.

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