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24 April 2009


Leah C

I have always loved that poem by Emily Dickinson. And one little kind deed can make all the difference...


again you inspire
again I can't help but to talk about you on my blog....
have a great weekend.

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

How wondeful to read your encouraging words. It makes me so glad that there are so many compassionate people out in this world sending out love and light... Thank you for your loving thoughts. We really can make a difference one person at a time.




back atcha!! Have a great weekend. LindaSonia


are those family members? your post with the images say so much adding the poem brings it full circle for me


Alison Gibbs

What a heart warming post. You are so right we can all help someone - today!!


Very nice. We truly do need to find ways to reach out to others. The pictures are such nice images for the poem.

Rhonda Markham

I was sorting through old scrapbook magazine clippings and found this quote this very day--before coming here tonight! Makes me think this beautiful verse must be going round and round the world reaching out to encourage us to reach out to others. It will be going to work with me next week for my co-workers to see. If enough, if only enough of us would live daily with this sensibility: gentleness of spirit, for self and for others.

Pearl Maple

Thank you for sharing that quote from Emily, it is one of my favorites.

Lovely creative piece you are sharing with us this week, like the grouping of long skinny photos.

Shelly in SoCal

Wow, so powerful. And an echo of the very feelings I have felt stirring as well. I am still holding back and don't know why. Fear? I did send a little note of encouragement to our pastor this morning though. He has been on my heart. One step at a time... Thanks, Rebecca, as always your are an inspiration.


Rebecca, what a wondeful post. I just happened to read it after updating my own blog with that same feeling under my skin. Today I felt so inspired in giving. I work with refugees (which I touched on in the post) and I feel so fortunate to have daily perspective from my job, but so many people do not have this opportunity and so it's wonderful for you and I and anyone whose mind it is on, to speak up about helping, giving, caring, etc. It really impacts people to just read a small snippet like you quoted to get them thinking. It's always so wonderful to visit your blog.
xox natalea

Penny Pudge

Thank you for reminding me the difference one person can make to someone else. Your insight is always so refreshing and uplifting. God bless.


I totally agree. Luckily, I work in an industry that is very community oriented. I volunteer my time and money for those local children less fortunate and/or disabled. I now take my little one with me when we shop for their school supplies, easter baskets, Christmas goodies, or just because. All of this anonymous, the social worker gives it to the Mom/Dad to give to the children--it just gives me the warm fuzzies to know that we help local families and let them keep some dignity in their less fortunate time.


today is my first visit here...life is so amazing. to think that i would be lead here to read the beautiful emily dickinson verse you've posted. it was just what i needed to read this morning. thank you so much for the inspiration (and emily, too, of course).


I always pop over for a look at what you are up to when I need to be in awe. I love all the mediums you use for creating and I keep happily distracting myself after I have been lurking around here.

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