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01 April 2009



Absolutely!!! Happy April, and Happy spring!!


Wonderful! I can smell the lilacs - ours are weeks away from blooming yet, so I'll enjoy yours!


Betsy Murray

Tell is sister


Thanks for the beautiful pictures from cloudy chilly Albuquerque! And thanks for putting Bob Marley in my ear!


It's a good day when you can visit a few blogs and look at the beautiful artwork!



cry if you miss living up north where there are seasons (an LILACS!!)
seeing all the beutiful spring blog posts lately is keeping me sane though. thank you =)

Leah C

Love spring, love lilacs, & love that bathroom:)

lorraine lewis

Beautiful photographs. Are those your lilacs? Lucky girl if they are.

My hand is raised!


Me! Me! Hopefully it is finally going to come to the Pacific Northwest this weekend...but we had chunky rain yesterday (that's what we call rain/snow mixed) - okay, and I have to tell you: I met a family who moved here from Florida, and they said they'd never heard so many descriptions for rain until they moved here, lol - that just reminded me of another one! And...are those antique frocks and hangers?

Julie B.

Both my hands are raised, high to the sky; I love spring! Love your beautiful photos, and can almost smell that fabulous cup of Jameson Brown java!


I can never choose a favorite season -it's usually the one that's happening. Love spring and I'm longing to smell the lilacs. Mine are still in the tight bud stage. Love your bathroom with the sweet vintage clothing.


Lilacs are not yet so beautiful in south of France and tomorow the sky is grey :(((
But spring is on your blog ;-))


Oups!! The sky is grey TODAY (and not tomorow)... lol!!! This is my "french english"!!!


i'm thinking i'd be having a great day if that was my bathroom too! wink!!

Modern Crush

Dude, I am so raising my hand!

Penny Pudge

My hand is raised also. I am wishing it was spring here. We had a snow storm a few days ago and expecting another,but spring will be here soon.


ohhhh, my Southern version of the lilac is awakening! I've grown this baby for 8 years and she FINALLY started flowering 2 yrs ago! YES! Spring yard work is on the agenda this weekend--beautiful in Upstate South Carolina ;)

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

My hand is up-----way up!!!


I totally agree with you and I am raising both hands and feet!!!!! I love spring and all that comes with it...thanks.


Beautiful lilacs! It will be awhile before we see those here.

ale balanzario

Great post, love good days like the one you had.

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