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15 April 2009



Well, you almost, ALMOST made me want to clean up the house... ;-)


I love your blog...beautiful words and images.
I am inspired with every bit of spring coming my way. From the sights to the smells of the damp ground coming to life...mmmm, I know, sounds odd, but the smell of the earth is wonderful. Yes, a farm girl at heart.
Have a great day!


Now I feel guilty! After getting my daughter off to school, I tumbled back into bed for a little extra snooze time. I'm on spring break and decided to spend at least part of one day impersonating our two dogs! I think I succeeded and stopped just in time. They're out chasing squirrels now.

(Lovely photos.... Very peaceful.)


Julie B.

Love the meditation of your broom; I myself do rake therapy! My neighbors probably wonder why I'm always raking! It gives me time to breath in the air and the earth, and all nature around me!

lorraine lewis

Your words and thoughts are very inspiring, the photos beautiful...
Your farm, heaven.


Gosh!!! You even make brooms LOOK good!! LOL!!!


i am a "sweeper" too for all the same reasons ~ you told a story with your images here


so beautiful rebecca

i would love it if you might consider giving us some little tiny journaling advice or little lessons.....maybe?
you are always such an inspiration


"Good morning, merry sunshine" that is so poetic!!! i dont sweep often but have loved to sweep porches since i was 8 & would bravely rescue my Little Nanna(great grandma) from the chore :) it always seemed to me (& vacuuming still does)how you describe it, cleaning the cobwebs out of the soul :)
have a merry & lovely day!

Ronda JT

I have always called the broom, "My thinkin' stick"

emily ruth

love the farm life...i'm a city girl now but i grew up in the country & i hope that someday i will get to move back to that fresh air & space :)


sweeping is my favorite chore! I love that view of the cows in the field, what a sweet site to wake up to. You blog is so inspiring, tranquil and beautiful.

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