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29 April 2009


Julie B.

Rebecca, your work and words are stunning and taken to heart!


Your work is breathtakingly beautiful and your words poignant. I love to look and look, Carolyn


(sigh!) beautiful!


Awwwww..... absolutely beautiful!!!

lorraine lewis

Thank you for sharing your inspiring words and your beautiful work- it is a wonderful blessing for each who visit your blog.


Beautiful and strong words from a beautiful heart.



Amazing post...


to look in the window of your life is a blissful event...these hearts are full...


Check your back, Rebecca...are there wings sprouting? I think you are an angel. :-) Your blog is always a soft place to fall in this crazy world of ours, a million thanks for sharing as you do.


Wow, no other words.


beautiful photos and beautiful words...
have a wonderful day

Karen B

Besides your beautiful art work, those words are so important to remember. We tend to love only those easy to love and not those who really need to have LOVE in their lives. Good reminder.


Dear Rebecca,
Can your share/post the wonderful 365 day paper you were adding something to every day? Loved that idea.
smiles, Andra


I am so inspired by your work and words! Simply beautiful!

Heather Bullard

Such a lovely break in my day to visit you. Smiles, H

gina grable

always a treat!


beautiful images, mirror beautiful words. such inspiration.


such beautiful words.

Alison Gibbs

Beautiful work Rebecca

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Such beauty, Rebecca!


Lovely words and beautiful details.

Julia in MI

I love these words and images. Very inspiring in more ways than one.
Thank you for the reminder to reach out with kindness to others today.


How tactfully you remind us of the ultimate challenge to "Love one another .." Simple and WOW!

P.S. tx also, for reminding me of that lazy-daisy zig-zag chain (in green) - gave me a flashback to good embrodering days !


Rebecca, that is profound and very very beautiful.


When I read the first four lines of your post, I was reading it through the eyes of a mother whose child is growing up. Your words "... to release the grip on the love I have grasped tightly in my hand..." reminded me of having to loosen the tight grip I have on my daughter's childhood as she moves into the teen years. When I finished, I sat here and let the words soak in.

How beautiful, yet so hard sometimes, to share our love with the "unchosen." The ones who need it the most.

This was especially timely for me today. I will carry it in my heart throughout the day tomorrow (and hopefully more) as I go about my day!


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