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12 March 2009



These are amazing! I just found a copy of your book from ck 2004. It is so beautiful and inspiring. I've really struggled with the blahs trying to get motivated to make or do something, the ideas in your book has sparked something new and fresh in me! Thanks!


rebecca your work is stunning ~blessings ELK

Faith and Chocolate

Gracious girl- Gotta be on the ball when Rebecca puts a little something new in her shop! ;P How do you say... I'm a day late, and a penny short!? Well... I'm late for sure, but I had my pennies all ready! Bummer! Let me know if you get the hankerin' to do some more- They are just fabulous, sweetie!

lorraine lewis

How did I miss out on your pretties?
I guess I just have to be quicker next time.
Your work is lovely.


wow. so completely stunning!

Jeanne Selep

Your photos and artwork are so good, as always.

tracy dyar

Beautiful! Do you have any online resources for supplies? I can't find things like the great blue velvet you use. And the metals. Oh I want to play too!


Rebecca, LOVE the necklaces!
I am jealous...canNOT believe you have bloomin' color. Here in the midwest, we just are coming out of the freeeeeeezin' winter. The green tips are about 1 inch out of the still-frozen ground. Happy days are ahead!


Hi...that link did not work for etsy...and I tried many ways to find your items on etsy without success...maybe you could email me with the correct link? I too liked the pendants...very much! Cher

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