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11 March 2009


Gunnel Svensson

No I donĀ“t think soo ;-)
Enjoy the lovely spring, and I can see what you mean, your photos are lovely, but the winter comes again, I promise!


I will when the temps soar to 100!!! Lovely photos.


I'm already missing the long dark evenings to read while snuggled in blankets. But still cannot resist the call of new life in my garden.


I will by September knowing I have another 2 months of HOT weather still! Gorgeous photos!

Barbara H.

I don't know about you, but I won't. :-)


Such beautiful photos!!
Carolyn :o)

Suzette Ladouceur

You have such a way with words...it is exactly how I feel, I just don't put it as beautifully.


Tis true....the mid winter gives us the excuse to burrow away in our hidey holes and create to our heart's content with less distractions.

Lovely melancholy photos, Rebecca.....


Nope, to much beauty to enjoy in spring and it will always be winter again anyway!
Nice pictures though!


wonder filled questions with such rich images....ELK

kristen robinson

I already miss the early sunsets although I am very excited about spring days that lie ahead I find myself longing for a wee bit more winter. Lovely photos Rebecca.



I am amazed at how our minds think alike at times! As much as I enjoy springtime and summer, and all the beauty that goes along with those seasons, there is something truly serene about winter. Don't get me wrong...living in Wisconsin, I can do without windchills in the -5 range, but I enjoy getting cozied up at home, reading a book with my son, watching the snow fall, scrapbooking into the wee hours of the night...

Carolyn Mallin

Beautiful pictures. I was just talking to hubby about that. When it's cold and bleak I want summer. In the summer when I'm sweating my tail off I want winter. Truly my favorite season is fall. Our fall in Kentucky lasts a long time and it looks good and smells good after the steamy summer.

Carolyn M.


Not me, I will never, ever miss winter!!! I am not a cold weather person and I love spring when everything comes alive!!!! :)

Alison Gibbs

I love the change of seasons.
We are now into our 12th day of Autumn/Fall here in Australia


come about july 5th i'm ready--well~let me clarify, for fall!


Just when you think Winter has
slipped away completely, she
reminds you with a very chilly
bite on the tip of your nose that
she's still here! Ha! What
"winter" are we in here anyway?
Hackberry? Dogwood? I can't
remember. ;o)


Aren't we all just like that -- always wishing for what we can't have...it's what makes us so human, I think...
Your photography is just amazingly crisp and clear and ... amazing.

Jeanne Selep

It's been a long winter, but another will come, and so I eagerly wait for spring, the new growth, the fresh air and sunshine. Am I restless to want spring sooner?


beautiful photography

Beth Ann

I love the way you appreciate the bittersweet elements of life. I remember when you said in your blog that you loved old dogs. At the time, I was having trouble with the fact that my dog, Murkaba, was old and wouldn't be around much longer. You reminded me that I really did love him anyway and to focus on that love. It helped me a lot. I still love him enormously now despite the fact that he's in doggie heaven. Thank you so much for your heartfelt comments and work. And thank you for showing new ways of appreciating the gifts of winter.

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