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27 March 2009


lorraine lewis

I love using the twigs that have fallen off my trees to use in my creations.
Your property is gorgeous, it seems so peaceful.


Wow, just beautiful! Beautiful images also!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Bernadine Cook

I love reading your posts, I visit everyday for my breath of fresh air. You are so inspirational.


Way too cool! You are so creative!


Rebecca - you make me feel so much more "normal" I just went to the thrift store and brought back a small pile of flat door striker plates. Even the man at the checkout shook his head.

have a great weekend.

Debe L

I had this wonderful response to your post. Love how you look at things, your soul's response to the world. Love the Roy Orbinson tribute and kd's version of that song. Thrilled that you will be at Silver Bella...wrote all that and then wasn't signed in and lost it. But still luv you and your view of the world. Your studio must be fabulous.....


Hello from France, just to say "I love your creativity" ;-)
Your blog is very beautiful!!
Sorry!! My english is not perfect lol!!!!


oh rebecca that is so me...sticks are so artistic in your hands...l like this post so much!

Amy Dabbs

Your artwork is so creative and inspiring, I love the way you weave beauty past with the present and a hint of spirituality. Your spring gatherings are a lovely addition to an already amazing studio.:) Thanks so much for sharing.


Rebecca, I love coming to your blog for a bit of quiet, beauty, and inspiration. I so love your property and long for that peacefulness your photos show. I just love your work!

Modern Crush

Beautiful! Ugh I want to be where you are. Blessings to you! <3


Hello Rebecca I am a friend of Roban's (Moments in Time) and thought I would pop over to visit you.

Absolutely beautiful photos, words and music....I am a huge kd lang fan and have seen her 3 times when she has been out in Australia, such a wonderful voice.

Hence to say I enjoyed my visit to your place.



wonderful photos!
I love the scent of lilac too..

Keely Yowler

Fabulous idea!

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