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16 March 2009



i love your word
thinkin i need a word too

great song!


Very nice! The pendents are so unique and lovely. How creative.


Beautiful and simple - perfect! I like your word - and thank you for the song - it's lovely, I've never heard Jon Foreman before, but he's amazing!

Carolyn Mallin

What a lovely bracelet. Thank you for sharing the song. I like it.

You've gotten me thinking about your word. I think maybe I need a word this year too. I need to ponder for awhile before I decide what it might be. There are several possibilities right now that would apply.Thank you for the thought.


Tracy Dayett

I visit your blog regularly and today as I clicked over and was reading my heart caught in my throat. Your word "stay" hit pretty deep for me - about a year ago I was on my way to the other side and the doctors told my family to tell me goodbye as they waited for the helicopter and while I do not have memory of really anything until weeks after coming out of a coma I clearly remember wanting to "stay" and from deep within me that word has brought me so much comfort..because I did "stay". Thanks for the moment today. Beautiful work!

Faith and Chocolate

You are soooo wonderful at "food for thought"... I truly love that about you! I MOST definitely will be thinking of a word for me.. I like that idea... I feel it will be a source of inspiration, as you have. Off to ponder... ;) Hugs to you!

lorraine lewis

Stay is a great word. I think of home- family- friends-peace-hope-joy- all things I want close to me...always
Thank you for sharing that song, I love it. I want to share this youtube video with you, I think you would enjoy it as much as I did. I don't know why but it brought tears to my eyes.
If you have time please watch it, it's not very long.



Hi..ty for the email about the pendants...your post for today is lovely as well...luv your WORDs...stay...great word...ty for sharing Cher


I continue to find inspiration, both spiritually and artisticly with you. Stay is a word I have chosen recently in regard to living in the South. I could leave. But I choose to STAY...a long time decision. I just read your article in Somerset Life and will think about what you said about blogging, as I am new to it. Good thoughts, and beautiful creations...May God bless you today.


thank you


Thanks for sharing this song, I loved it! I never heard of Jon Foreman, I think I'm going to look for his CD.

His voice reminds me of Chris Martin, Coldplay's singer.

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