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09 March 2009



I love the project in the picture...very lovely!

Congratulations Bonnie! Enjoy!

kathy hansen

well as sad as I was that I didn win that beautiful pendant I look forward to hopefully purchasing one from your etsy. Thank you for all the lovlies.. Kathy H. who you inspire every single day..

Deborah Dee

I am not a frequent blog commenter, but I must tell you that you are the artist who has "given me permission" to use up the stuff I have so tenaciously gathered. I was frozen & thought I had to wait for the perfect project to use an item....your free-flowing style has been the inspiration for my own form of "spring cleaning"...thank you Rebecca!


Congratulations to Bonnie. And thank you again, Rebecca for all your lovely creativity. Your art inspires me.
I'm glad you're enjoying wonderful warm springtime - today is snowy and blowy here on the West Coast.



I can't believe I won! I'm so excited. Rebecca's work has been a real inspiration to me lately.


Yes, absolutely I feel so energized and motivated by springtime! February is always such a difficult month for me - I tend to hibernate the whole month. Now that the warmer weather has arrived, I'm excited to see what opportunities come each and every day!

diane Bronstein

Your work is wonderful.... I just found you and passed you on to all my friends.... lets link... please...

lorraine lewis

I am feeling exactly as you are. So many things I am inspired to create and for now they wait on the sidelines. But yes it is ok. We each can only do what is possible at the moment.

Jenny Fowler

Oh spring makes me want to clean and I have already been doing that. It makes me want to renew all kinds of things, as Valentine's Day, my birthday, and my anniversary are right there. Good luck with all your projects!


Hi, I am so very happy to have found your blog and look forward to reading through it all and being inspired by your beautiful pictures

Have a great creative day
Carolyn :o)


Wow. This took my breath away. How lovely.

Lori S.

Yes Spring does that for me too! It also gets me thinking about our rose garden...I am an "Heirloom Roses" lover too!!! Anyway, I have a couple to purchase this year so I am getting a little "happy" for that. LOVE this piece Rebecca & LOVE you!! Always a pleasure to be inspired by you. :)
Take care!


i like how your projects are "waiting" that is the wonder of art it is always there to return to...i love your blog! ELK

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

I was amazed today as I drove to pick my daughter up from school at how many robins I saw in the fields and yards along the way. Surely spring is not far, now?!?!?!

Penny Pudge

You are an amazing artist. You encourage me to keep on trying new projects. Yes spring does get me motivated, out with the old, in with the new!! I have been in a tossing mood and have made a pledge that I can't save anything else until I have some semblance of order in my home. It's tough but I am sticking to it... Have a beautiful today. Penny

Sally Smith

fabulous idea here--very unique. Did you use blocks? I love all your creations.


I love this photo Rebecca!
and congrats to Bonnie!

Jeanne Selep

If spring cleaning meant finishing up unfinished projects.... Spring gives me a burst of energy to start more projects then I finish. Lots of UFO's in my house (Un-Finished Objects)

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