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19 March 2009



I love the colors you chose for this- both peaceful, and yet, spring-y too! :) Hooray for the auction going well!

Would it be too much to say that *you* make me happy too?


How did I miss this? Is there anyway for me to donate now? I could just send you pictures and mail directly to the buyer myself...just a thought!! What a great thing you are doing!

Kathy Barrick

I'm unable to donate financially at this time, but would love to donate a piece of jewelry to perhaps raise bids. Would that help? You can see my jewelry here: www.moandmo.etsy.com. Thank you!

Jeanne Selep

I love the collage with the bird in it.


Beautiful words, beautiful art. As always. Thanks for sharing your happiness. :)


i always thought that we walk each day with the ability to leave a trail of smiles along the way...your post captures that magic, how lovely!!! your art is like a soothing sigh to rest a weary soul!!!


Love the bird and canvas!!! What a marvelous feeling to see Love spread through great distances!

Jenny Doh

Through the funds we raise to help, we raise the most important thing of all: awareness.

"What you do unto the least of these, you do unto me."

Brittany C.

I love the bird. IT is soo pretty.

That is one of the best quotes I have heard in a long time. :D


my name's ingrid i'm french i speak english not well. so i contact because i how if you write à book because i want to buy.
i want to make the art craft
do you want help me please ???
thank you very much...
je traduis ma demande en francais si pour toi cela te parle plus. voila je viens de découvrir ton blog et toute ces belles choses que tu réalises j'aimerai faire la même chose et je voudrais savoir si tu as écris un livre? j'aurais besoin de ton aide je te remercie d'avance


Ingrid wants to know if you wrote a book because she would love to learn to do beautiful things like yours.

And I want to know what this piece is. Is it a brooch? I must be obsessed with birds, because I love all art representing birds!

audrey h.

Hi Rebecca...I wanted to come by and tell you 'thank you' for leaving me such a nice comment on my blog the other week. Thank you bunches...it is much appreciated. I have always enjoyed your artwork and have been a big admirer for a long time. Thanks for sharing so much. Love the quote and piece for this post. Have a most wonderful week.

Connie - Constantly Vintage

What a wonderful quote. Such inspiration and beautiful artwork! Thanks for sharing.

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