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04 February 2009



My Spring dreams include flowers, a butterfly garden and a vegetable garden and oh yes the sweet birds they will bring!
Love your Winter creations!


Beautiful Creations, lovely words for today!
Hugs, Diane


Very cool.........Keep up your love of birds. I love looking at what you have been creating. I think spring is my favorite season because it is the rebirth of nature and a sign of hope for a new beginning.

julie - eab designs

The blooming forsythia, the first sign of spring. The return of tending my herb garden and the anticipation of planting my Abraham Darby roses when they arrive!


Honestly....I am looking forward to the snow melting! We have had so much this year...that visible blades of grass are sounding wonderful right about now. Warmer temps, too!

Lovely work, as always.
Dawn xo


What a wonderful proverb . . . and it applies to artists as well, who don't create because we have the answer, but because we have a vision!

My dreams of Spring are in the garden. The early bulbs - hyacinth and daffodils sprouting up all over my front garden, red-bud maples and pink flowering dogwood. I miss the colour!


I love that necklace!!! So awesome!

I have been reading in google reader lately, so hadn't seen the updated look on your blog. I love it!! :)


Beautiful collage of hoping for spring. Today I wandered around my yard in the sunshine and saw a few tiny green tips poking out - my bulbs! And fat robins have been seen! Spring is coming.



Well, my first dream is to get my house cleaned up! Next, I'd like to paint (need some color on my walls...everything is white, offwhite, or cream), plant some new flowers, sit on my porch in the early evenings without freezing, and re-do the flowers around my mailbox. I'm so ready for warm weather and yes, hearing those sweet little birds sing.


just the sun on my face and the warmth is what I dream of..........mmmmm

LOVE the necklace!! and the beeswax collage!!! think about that for a bella class next year, that is really pretty. :-)


very beautiful!

Penny Pudge

My dreams of Spring is the smell!! I love it! You are so inspiring. Thanks.


This is so beautiful! Love the bird quote! Your ideas are inspiring!


My dreams of Spring would be picnics in our backyard and catching fire flies when the sun goes down and I have to agree, I long to hear the birds sing as well. Your work is gorgeous too!!!

lorraine lewis

I saw your beautiful apron in Somersets new apron magazine. I thought it was amazing. Loved it.

mary w

My dreams of Spring are to simply walk in my yard again-the snow is so deep I can't get past the sidewalk and driveway! The snow has been plowed and shoveled into mountains over my head-after much effort my husband managed to snowblow a path to a wildlife feeder we have about 200 yards from the house so he could free it up and make some room around it for the deer,turkeys,blue jays and squirrels and of course refill it with shelled corn.I just want to walk-see my favorite pond,check out the curly willow up close,look at the bunny tracks....simple pleasures taken for granted.
mary w


I've left an award for you at my blog. Don't feel obligated - I just wanted to let you know that I really love your art and style.



All of the new flower catalogs are coming in the mail so the anticipation of spring and the time to plant is making me itchy. In the meantime I'm in the planning stage that seems to change from week to week.

I haven't tried using beeswax on anything yet but I'm ready to give it a try. Your piece is beautiful and definitely full of promise.

Geralyn Gray

I love that quote too. I was going to give it to her Chorus Director, but I didn't, because he might take it personally. She gets frustrated because of not getting picked for solos---and I use that quote and ask what are you singing for? She says because she likes it, and I say exactly. I like the one to: The woods would be quiet if only the best birds were allowed to sing or something like that.


The first warm, sunny day I am going to go find a big rock and sun myself until my bones are finally warm. The crocus have sent out feeler blades - I am hoping the blossoms are soon to follow. Cheers.

Alison Gibbs

What a fabulous necklace.
Here in Australia I can't wait for Autumn/Fall. Summer has been oh so hot, temperatures up to 109.


sweetness mizz rebecca, i am loving
your tablet necklace! --
hang in there ... spring will deliver!~~C


Prettiness!! *tweet* *tweet*


I like the natural color of calm your doing, very nice. I am glad the Robins are returning to alabama from flordia,,,I too am ready for spring and the flowers....sigh.

Alicia Sharp

Rebecca I so love your bird plaque! It is beautiful and I may have to lift it from you!

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