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18 February 2009


julie - eab designs

It is such a pleasure to view your beautiful artwork and creative talent. Thanks for sharing.


Rebecca, your work is always beautiful and inspiring. I'm always thrilled when I click on your blog and see a glimpse of your wonderful work. It is calming and beautiful, just like you. :)

Gunnel Svensson

Beautiful work Rebecca! Yes, I agree, sometimes it´s good to wait with some work, you can see something anothere day that you don´t see today!


Your nature inspired pieces are inspiring me! I look forward to checking your blog to see your beautiful art and read your beautiful words.

Mary Green

Rebecca, This is a very timely message for me, thank you for verbalizing it. And thanks for showing the pieces you're working on - your detail is amazing.


After reading your post I glanced over at my work table. Sigh. So many unfinished projects loitering about, waiting for time to finish them. Time and motivation. Waiting. What a great take on the process you've given today. Thanks,


Julia in MI

I totally do this. Start something and then freak out before finishing it. The problem for me is gettting back to it, to finish the piece. I'm glad you can do this. It is something I need to learn to do.

lori vliegen

you have been blessed with such a gift for the written word! i can SO relate to what you're saying...i go through this all of the time! i'm still trying to learn the "art of pause", though!


I totally get inspired by your art!

Sheila R

Each time you post pictures of your artwork I am inspired. I too have paused many times while creating my artwork, waiting for inspiration, waiting to see if I need to add something or take it away, just waiting. Thank you for making me feel alright to pause.


I love your quotes, thoughts and artwork - they are inspiring and make you stop and think. You seem so peaceful and wise in all that you do!

lorraine lewis

Such pretty things you make. Unfinished? They look awesome to me!


Ooooohhhhh boy!!! yes I do this and i've got a few project boxes/bags that seem to be piling up...it seems like it anyways. I'm clearing out an area near my computer to start stacking with the hope of revisiting them. Happy happies.

Karen Salva

Thank you so much for all your inspiration. Over the past week or so I have been working on an art journal inspired from Postmark LA and just posted the beginning of it along with a link to you and the book. I also see a bee which is a double bonus to me. I run a constant "bee spotting" post where I show bee related art. If you do not mind I would like to show this in the next post. Thanks again for all your inspiration and your small things are fabulous!


amazing work rebecca
i'd give anything if my mind worked only 1/2 as creative as yours

ruth rae

I pulled out a few projects last night in the working stages: these would be things that need hand work, I save these for when my family would like me to watch tv with thee :)

But when the creative muse hits I find that I will lay out a few pallets and half way construct them and some times move on for months before I return. some get completed some are just ideas that were never meant to be.

I adore all your pondering projects awaiting to come to fruition.


How anyone that has your talent can ever doubt herself is beyond me. But congratulations on finding a way to deal with it. And i am very glad of it, because we don´t want you to hit an artists block.
I looooove your work and I am in total awe over it. I would love to know how you do some of your techniques, but I guess that´s your secret.
Have a nice weekend.


Wow....what beautiful in-waiting pieces! I sometimes go back and finish things and other times I just can't seem to revisit them again! I hate it when that happens. Lately, I have been moving on and going back to finish like you do and have been successful!
Love your work as always!


Lovely pieces in progress! I do so agree with how the process goes. I'm hoping that eventually I will have items good enough to sell and there is that thought always pressing of will anyone else like it. Sometimes I just have to step back and remember that the creative process is for me and I'm the one who needs to enjoy playing and like what comes of it. There are so many people out there with different likes that hopefully somebody else will like it too. Your work is a beautiful extension of you and it's obvious that plenty of other people love it too.

Teresa M.

You really shouldn't worry about your art being accepted... It's all so beautiful, that I'd rest assured everyone is loving it!!! Just thought I'd let you know...

Maija Lepore

You have a special talent for assembling little collections!


Have you seen this "art" video? I thought of it while reading this post...

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