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26 February 2009


Shelly in SoCal

Love the quote...very well said. Thanks for the encouragement.


Lovely quotation and utterly true. I'm constantly learning to be the person God created me to be, not a shadow or imitation of some other human.


Dagmar leuenberger-Swift

Hi Rebecca;
I have long been a fan of your work, and i was wondering if I may borrow that quote for my blog? I love how willingly you share your talent. It is an inspiration for all of us in blogland that follow your work.


~Love the wonderful quote! ~Mandy


Wonderful quote and oh so true!
~ Lynda

lori p

this is amazing!! thank you so much for sharing your talents. i too want to be using all the talents that God has given to me.

thank you for sharing your abundance...

Alison Gibbs

Fabulous quote and cute artwork

Geralyn Gray

I love that quote---- I saw it a couple of years ago and I couldn't remember where. I am going to put it in my journal right now! Thanks!!!!!!!!


Oh such a nice quote. And oh how your creative mind inspires the artist hiding inside of me. Thank you.

Faith and Chocolate

HI Sweet! It's been waaaaay too long...but I came in on a great day! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quote, it's VERY WELL said, indeed!
I can't wait to see where you'll be soon! ;)
Hope all is wonderful in Tennessee!


As of 10:13am the 26th, the frame is done(from session 3 of Handmade from Home). I have it hanging from an old brown plastic suit hanger that still has the Sears sticker logo on it and it has a soft green lacy -like fabric remnant tied around the "neck" of the hanger(it kinda looks like a person holding up a big sign). I keep looking in that direction to see my creation!!! That refill paper looks a lot like the kind i make with either tea or coffee(brushed on) and then after it dries I iron it...there is just something about writing on ironed paper, some times whatever pen i'am using will skip but i still think it's worth it. Happy happies Sweet Angel of the Good Good Words.


God must be encouraging us about the same thing, our talents and gifts. I have just been reading how the secret to wealth creation is by using our talents. Those talents are your gift which is what you love. Your particular gift is your source of revenue and your source of wealth creation. I don't mean to sound too religious here,but it is really encouraging to know "… you shall remember the Lord thy God: for it is He that gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant…" (Deut 8:18). In the end times He said He would shake the world, and for me that's the greed and decadence that got us into the financial mess in the first place.He's just shaking it now. We don't have to live in fear, just keep using the gift He gave us ... our talents. Hope you don't mind me sharing, but He's still in control.

Sheila R

Thanks for sharing that beautiful quote and inspiring us.

Karen Salva

I love this! So sweet and a wonderful quote!


That is a wonderful quote. I am going to write it in my journal. Did you get any snow this week-end? We just got a little but it melted away in the sun today!
Take care!

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